Lemons and Owls and a Wedding… Oh my!

Jessie and Dylan McMurry | Akron, Ohio

You know when you just know? When you travel from Ohio to Montana and meet a boy from Oklahoma…. and fall in love? When you’re seemingly put in the right place at the right time, and meet the right person?

Jessie and Dylan were just that couple, and after a year long friendship that slowly turned to a relationship, and then a love, Dylan picked up and moved up to Ohio to be with Jessie. Whether or not they stay in Ohio, or are living across the ocean (Jessie plans to do Missionary work overseas, which is a perfect fit for Dylan’s plans – he’s currently studying International Business), one thing is certain – they have an incredible love for each other, for family, and God.

When Jessie contacted me to shoot her July wedding, I was looking for a great reason to escape the Florida heat! I love visiting my home in North East Ohio, so her Akron wedding was right around the corner! What I didn’t realize, was just how much I would fall in love with this amazing couple! Not that it’s hard, they had a guest list well over 200 of doting friends and family – all of them absolutely entranced by their beautiful relationship!

The weather was incredible (an amazing 78 degrees), the details were adorable and party was a blast!

So as they celebrate their new beginnings in the Dominican Republic, I decided to share some of my absolute favorites from their wedding on Saturday! This is just a teaser of their day, so I can’t wait to share the whole wedding with you in a few weeks!