Girls Just Want to Have Fun on Their 30th Birthday!

This is a belated birthday post but we couldn’t help but to share our good friend and my future wedding planners 30th birthday! Over the past year or so Rae, from Silk and Sabal, and I have been lightly chatting about future wedding plans…and no, there is no ring just yet. That’s a story for another time, though. Since she has graciously took time out of her busy schedule to talk all things wedding with me, we decided to put together a fun shoot for her 30th birthday! Her friends joined us from near and far at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando. Being the planner that she is, of course she had the cutest ideas and the perfect little setup in her hotel room.

We started off with some classic robe shots with an editorial vibe adding sunglasses, vintage magazines and a custom calligraphic champagne bottle designed by Andi Mejia. Next, we headed down to the pool deck where she met up with more friends! They rented a cabana because why not on your 30th birthday! They were living the lavish life sipping on champagne while celebrating a huge milestone. Luckily, the rain held off long enough for the girls to spray a bottle of bubbly. After they popped the champagne I thought it would be cute to have them jump in the pool together! Timing that was a little harder than I anticipated but it was fun trying! I love weddings but I had a blast getting to shoot a different medium! Thank you, Rae, for allowing me to photograph your 30th and Happy (belated…really belated) Birthday!!

A few years ago Kristen actually shot a 30th birthday cake smash and it was so cute! You can check that out, here!