Garden Inspired Jewish Wedding | Danielle and Gabriel

Traditional Jewish Wedding at Four Seasons Resort

I imagine my first time meeting Danielle was much like Gabe’s. We initially met online (as did they) and I instantly loved her outgoing, strong and opinionated personality. Her smile is infectious and you feel instantly at ease in her company. You can tell how much she loves her friends and family, and how much they care for her. A daddy’s girl at heart, he’s the first to understand her and support her.

So what kind of man does a woman like Danielle choose for her forever? Let me introduce you to Gabriel! Although he comes across a bit quiet and worrysome at first, he has a huge heart and shares every ounce of it with Danielle. You totally get the sense that he will always love and protect her, care for her and be an amazing lifelong partner.

When Danielle flew out to Seattle to meet Gabe, I can imagine they were pretty inseparable ever since. Now, living in New York with big careers and adventurous spirits, they planned their dream wedding with over 200 guests at the Four Seasons Resort in Orlando. Blending traditional Jewish culture with modern luxury design made for the most perfect day to share with their friends and family.

Although I’ve been fortunate enough to share in many cultures through my art, and many Jewish weddings, this was the most traditional I’ve photographed! I loved the history they brought to their wedding with the Bedeken – the Veiling Ceremony ; and they signed an incredibly designed Ketubah. They were able to put a modern twist on some of the traditional aspects as well, including adding little Mickey Mouse outlines on the Kippahs given to guests. One of my personal favorites was their Chuppah, which Raining Roses did an absolutely incredible job on. There was also a very special aspect to the couple’s Breaking the Glass. When Gabriel’s parents were married, they weren’t allowed to break glass during their ceremony. Because of this, they used a bulb. The box from this was saved, so Gabriel and Danielle used a bulb from the same set for their wedding! The ballroom reception space consisted of a four-tier cake, light pink satin table cloths, and show-stopping floral centerpieces. After dinner, they danced The Horah, and  eventually they all switched to holding just upside-down chairs over their heads! I loved being part of these two family’s traditions and it was a truly eye-opening experience. Mazel tov, Gabe and Danielle!


Event Planner: Bliss Events
Ceremony and Reception Venue: Four Seasons Resort
Floral Design: Raining Roses
Hair & Makeup: LeJeune Artistry
DJ: The Headliners Band
Videography: Seltzer Films
Photobooth: Our Photobooth Rocks
Gown Designer: Reem Acra
Bridal Shop: The Collection Bridal

Shoe Designer: Jimmy Choo
Officiant: Rabbi Chaim Lipskier
Bridesmaid Gown Designer: BHLDN
Lighting: Our DJ Rocks
Harpist: Jen Jennings 
Men’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse
Linens: Over the Top
Stationery: Jenny Fine / Mimosa Digital

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