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Brooks Baby – 8 Months

msp zonder te downloaden Yay, yay, yay!! Heather only has about 5 weeks to go before sweet little Aislynn gets here! If you missed her 6 month session, be sure to check it out here – and look how much she’s grown minecraft maps zum herunterladen! I can’t wait to see Aislynn for her newborn session next month :) Here’s a quick teaser from yesterday’s session with Heather and Jason herunterladen!

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Happy Holidays from the Paces!

A couple days before I left for vacation, my numero uno stylist and fashion diva, Melanie Pace, contacted me about doing a super quick session of her and her sister, Elaine, for a Christmas present for their parents tirol app herunterladen! They gave them some super cute prints in an album that they can add to later, plus a gift certificate for a family session in the spring! Elaine was super pregnant, but it didn’t…

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Workshop Day

What a day! Whew! Recently, I decided to start some one-on-one photographer workshops. I wasn’t really sure how the whole idea would turn out, but I’ve been getting a lot of “how do you…” emails lately, and thought it would be a great way to get to know some local photographers and share what I know rezept vorlage kostenlosen! I’m also insanely lucky to know awesome models, stylists and makeup artists – so I thought…

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Remedy Magazine, London

If you’re on Facebook, and haven’t been living under a rock today, you probably saw my 300 updates about my feature in this issue of Remedy Magazine, London herunterladen! Ok, so I’m exaggerating a little bit – but this was a huge deal for me. This year has brought me a lot of amazing opportunities, but as I stress about starting my own business, and finding my place in this world of photography-saturated markets, I’m…

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It’s Raining Men!

Ok, cheesy – but I couldn’t resist gratis samples downloaden! So Brandi’s shoot is finally done! Yay! And instead of giving you some whole essay about the intrinsic nature of the shoot (honestly, if I wanted to be a professional writer, I would have been), let me just summarize with some of the highlights from our day download the sims mobile! 1. Every day should be a Melanie-Day. We were joined by the amazing Melanie…

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Ella Grace

Edman and Michelle contacted me a little while ago to take some photos of their little one, Ella Grace. She’s 7 months old – and can I just say, if anyone has any kids 6-12 months, you need to bring them to me schriften gratis herunterladen. I’ll take them for a couple hours. They’re by far my most fun age group to shoot. And editing is a bit of a fresh look too – instead…

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