Ashley | Orlando Senior Photography

I met Ashley years ago when I still lived in Lakeland. Her mom was actually looking for some photos of her older sister, Morgan. Ashley must have been a freshman in high school back then? Wow, where did the years go? I’ve grown a lot since then, and so has Ashley! Literally… she got taller.

Ashley is a senior at George Jenkins High School in Lakeland, so I was so happy that she decided to come up to Orlando to let me do her senior pictures! They’re definitely going to be different from all her friends’ :)

She braved the crazy growling Oviedo chickens, heat, sun and flocks of pigeons (one actually flew right in to my head… that was enough nature for me for the day!). Her parents willingly loaded me up with Coca Cola all day (thanks for that, by the way!) and we had a ton of fun touring Orlando (Oviedo, Lake Eola, and Church Street)!

I started to do a rough edit and found 48 absolutely amazing, must-have photos. Uh-oh. Editing is going to be so much fun! For right now, I promised to get a couple teasers up for her to show Morgan (she’s on her way up to Tallahassee right now to visit her -Morgan just started her freshman year at FSU).

By the way… are you kidding with this girl’s eyes? Shut up.