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You know, there are days…. we all have days like this…. where you feel like you just can’t do anything right. You’re creatively crunched, can’t sleep and obsessing over every shot you take, every missed opportunity and every lead that goes another direction. I feel like I go through these phases, and it’s only by the grace and support of my fans, friends, colleagues and loved ones that I’m able to look past the dark days.

As artists, let me just tell you – we suffer! We torment over every last detail, because big or small, from the most grand wedding to a quiet elopement – every client is equally important. They become our friends, and we want the best for them. We become personally involved in our shoots, in providing something new and exciting to our vendors, stylists and of course – the clients who put their trust in us. The pressure is on to deliver, and deliver we must.

I can’t seem to say it enough – love your photographer, because they will pour their heart and soul in to every moment that they’re with you; whether that’s on your wedding day, on the phone, or on their editing screen. Allow us to be creative! Realize that, sure… anyone can pick up a camera and become a photographer, but it takes heart and soul to be an artist. It can’t be taught, and it can’t be learned. It’s not as simple as a click of the shutter, or a turn of the aperture. We’re visionaries that have a passion for the craft that we have spent years to perfect. We respect others in our field; we learn from them, we mentor them, we share with them – and sometimes, we even have a little therapy lunch session with them.

Don’t pit us against each other. Don’t try to negotiate our pricing by telling us what another would do. Because we know “the other photographer”, we’ve shared a drink (or a large dinner and sangria) together. We respect each other.

I have a “green” personality, which means I need constant reassurance that I’m doing a good job. Some would say it’s a defect. It’s probably not good considering I’m in a career field full of opinions and objectivity. But this week, I have seen some really wonderful comments on my work – along with my third blog feature (just this week!) – and wanted to share them with you. To some, it may seem small and trite – but a sweet little comment can go a long way when your day is a little less bright. (I totally didn’t mean to rhyme that last sentence).

Twitter: @AllPhotogs – Highlighted today @kristenweaver – pretty dang amazing photographer in Florida. http://bit.ly/buJLYX
Twitter: @OneWed @kristenweaver is such a talent! You MUST check out this gorgeous West Palm Beach featured wedding!! http://bit.ly/5C7L2e
Twitter: @collagesnet @kristenweaver is on the blog! Check out these engagement images. Right after rain is my favorite. http://ow.ly/10hV4
Twitter: @scarlettlillian @kristenweaver You Rock!

“I wanted to write you a bit of fan mail after your Website of the Week launch! I absolutely LOVED that whole shoot! I’ve been looking at it all week, and forwarding it to other people! So, if you get any strange emails you can blame me!” – Ashley King, Collages.net

“What a breath of fresh air to meet young talented females here in our own town whom have recognized their god given gift and built a career around what they know best, and what’s even more amazing is that they have done it all on their own. All my thanks to Kristen Weaver, Melanie Pace and Jillian Caro for the most amazing shoot!!! You girls ROCK!!!!” – Mona Moayer, Model

I was stoked today to find out that I was featured on AllthePhotographers.com! You can check out my feature on their blog HERE. And the comments on the blog – seriously so sweet you guys! Thank you, thank you, thank you! (PS… for those of you who don’t know – if you like a feature from a photographer or a blog post, definitely leave comments on that blog! It tells us that you were there, and you like the work we’re doing! Remember, I need constant reassurance…hehe)