NYBFW : Interviewing Solutions Orlando Truth: I’ve been giddy about posting this blog! I couldn’t wait for this nail-biting interview where I get to the bottom of your most asked questions! Ok, so not really… but I did come up with some fun ones! On our last day of NYBFW, I sat down with Roberta and Tali,…

NYBFW : Interviewing Solutions Orlando

Truth: I’ve been giddy about posting this blog! I couldn’t wait for this nail-biting interview where I get to the bottom of your most asked questions! Ok, so not really… but I did come up with some fun ones!

On our last day of NYBFW, I sat down with Roberta and Tali, from Orlando salon Solutions Bridal, to ask them some questions about market and their thoughts on the week! With every trip, the social aspect of attending is just as fun as seeing all the new designs and collections. So when the day is over, I love going out to dinner with the girls and critiquing everything we just viewed.


Lela Rose

The first thing I can say, is that both the gowns and designers that Solutions carries is meticulously curated by the consultants and management to provide the absolute best options for their brides. So when we talk about the designers collections, sometimes we approach it from different perspectives. Of course I’m usually commenting on things I’d love to photograph and tend to look at gowns from a “realistic editorial” perspective. But I think it’s because my background in fashion leads me towards that first love.

Solutions Bridal

solutions bridal

And although every bride that walks in to Solutions is unique, the team is brilliant at knowing which gowns and collections will best suit them – from being flattering to providing the best options to make each style unique to fit that client.

NYC Bridal Week

Putting Solutions Bridal in the hot seat

So what ended up being your biggest surprise at this season’s market?

Both Tali and Roberta said they were pleasantly surprised at how designers were creating more functional ways for brides to wear their gowns. They’re considering a bride’s desire to want to wear a bra, or that they’re using stretch illusion fabric and sleeves to meet fluctuations in size without requiring alterations.

Blush floral wedding dresses


So, was there anything you’d say was missing from market this season?

There was a pretty clear consensus on this one! The cohesion among collections was definitely missing this season. They had trouble imagining what girl a certain dress was made for. And when stylists can’t envision a specific bride going for that gown, it’s a hard sell for them. Sometimes, gowns had too many trends in one piece – and that became a constant struggle. At times, we could definitely see the need for more of an editing eye before they produced the final piece for the show.

To go hand-in-hand with that, some gowns were recycled from previous seasons. Typically, this happens because they will have a great past-selling gown and make modifications to fit today’s bride. However they were hoping to see more unique designs rather than past versions that have been altered.

Lela Rose showroom

We love “Bump”

What was the best “off the cuff” moment?

Roberta jumped in quickly on this one – and we all agreed – Tali’s impromptu “maternity session” at the Maria Elena showroom! We walked in and saw a stunning piece of body jewely – I couldn’t even tell you the official name for this – and Roberta casually mentioned that Tali should put it on! She obliged, and it turned in to an entire photo shoot (much to Tali’s dismay… she honestly hates being the center of attention!)

Maria Elena body piece

What designer showed your favorite “full line” this season?

They both agreed that Reem Acra was their first favorite, but Alon Livne came in a close second!

Which designer showroom had the best snacks?

So yes, these are the kinds of things we download on each other while we’re eating dinner and discussing the day. Let’s be honest, it can’t be all business all the time! So the winner? Lela Rose’s pimento cheese and yogurt covered pretzels, and tea cart!

Tea time

Which appointment had the best energy?

In an overwhelming agreement, Maria Elena Headpieces was the most high-energy appointment. This wasn’t necessarily a surprise though, the Solutions team has worked closely with Maria Elena and her team for years and they have an amazing relationship that goes beyond daily business. We always spend more time there that we plan, eat their food, charge our phones and gossip about all the happenings at market!

Maria ElenaBridal jewelryMaria Elena headpiece

The Designers

Which designer were you the most excited to see?

Tali was the most excited to see designer and friend, Ines di Santo! From her collection, to her team, to Ines herself, they always give us an amazing show! We always feel so welcomed by them! Ines di Santo’s designs are a favorite among Solutions brides, so it’s always exciting to see what will be showing up in the store in the coming months!

Roberta said she was most excited to see Reem Acra. As a designer they haven’t previously carried in the salon, she was anxious to get up close and personal with the gowns and consider how the brides at Solutions would react to them.

Spring 2018 collection

The Gowns

Emmy Award moment time… what was the BEST dress at market this year?

Although Jamie had already headed back to Orlando – we knew her answer would be the black bow gown from Reem Acra’s collection.

Roberta totally fan-girled over the red Ines di Santo gown. It was an absolute showstopper.

Tali fell in love with the Reem Acra gown with high lace and sleeves.

classic with a modern twist Red Wedding Dress

If you were getting married tomorrow, and you had to pick one gown that you saw at market – which one would it be?

Roberta stuck true to her best dress moment and said she would absolutely wear the red Ines gown to show off her insane curves!

Tali went with a classic approach, and chose the tulip cap sleeve gown from Ines di Santo.

Clean lines

Now, if you had to pick one gown for your daughter to wear, which one would it be?

Since Tali doesn’t have daughters, we let Roberta take this one! She has 2 girls, with totally different personalities. So for Bianca, she chose the sleek Ines gown with the crossed neckline and cape. For Stephy, she chose the Reem Acra a-line gown with tiered skirt, bodice, floral and 3-D bustier.

Gorgeous necklines

Since Roberta got a question to herself, we asked Tali something a little more controversial. As much of the talk during the week revolved around her cute little bump (which we actively tried to name about 100 times), it led me to this question…

Will you eat your placenta?

Tali: NO.

solutions bridal

Ok, moving on…

New York City

What was your favorite meal in NYC this trip?

The first night, Tali had a recommendation from a friend to visit this adorable little restaurant in Chelsea called Giovanni Rana Pastificio & Cucina, where we had the best Italian pasta! Starting with a crazy good cheese plate, take a gander at our menu selections! All were ranked as our absolute favorite meals that week.

Tali: Truffle Mushroom Girasole with Black Truffle
Roberta: Cappelletti al Prosciutto Crudo with Butter and Sage
Kristen: Lobster Mezzaluna with Sautéed Artichokes

New York City viewsFloral 3D applique

I asked both of them to select gowns for each other that they saw at market. I knew this would be an interesting one because they’re stylists AND friends – so I felt like they’d have a great idea of what would flatter the other one.

Roberta chose the Reem Acra gown that had a clean white design, fitted silhouette and jeweled cap sleeves for Tali.

Tali chose the Lela Rose “t-shirt” dress for Roberta.

sleek clean lines

Finally, I asked them to send me their favorite photo, that was taken on a phone, from market this year?

Of course we all chose selfies (well, except for Tali) …. mine was from one of many Uber rides through the city!

solutions bridal

solutions bridal

While Roberta and Jamie also chose slightly more serious selfies, Tali went with this photo of a cat.

Well, there you have it! The most randomly inquisitive interview about our trip to NYBFW market this spring!

Make sure you stop by Solutions Bridal in Orlando to check out some of these incredible designers!