Lush Winter Bridal Session

Lush Winter Bridal Session

Working through this winter, Lacey and I have had some amazing conversations about what we love to shoot, how we love to shoot and where we see our lives taking us in this crazy industry. Lacey loves photographing couples, and seeing natural interactions, traveling with them and getting to know them on a more personal level. I love to edit and run a business, and run around at shoots twirling veils or making people laugh! So we decided that the only natural progression was to develop a sister-company called Eleanor & Pete! With Lacey as the lead photographer, and me behind the finished product, we have been super excited to share our vision with everyone!

The plan is really specific – couples and maybe a fur-child. It’s a niche market and we feel really good about that! We’re in the very beginning stages of the entire project, so we’ve been planning some shoots with friends of ours to hone in on our ideal client, editing style and shooting style.

We knew we wanted to add in some bridal to our test-shoots, so I went ahead and shot in my own signature style while she photographed for Eleanor & Pete at the same time. The results are stunning, and I’m SO excited to share! First, I got to work with my girl Ariana and her boyfriend, which is always a win for me. We had the most beautiful Sarah Seven gown from Calvet Couture Bridal in Winter Park, and Jillian Caro totally understood our hair and makeup concept to produce a stunning bridal fashion style! Our bouquet came from the incredibly talented Lee James Floral – who completely nailed our inspiration for an organic-looking burgundy bouquet with lots of greenery!

To see Lacey’s version of this same session, check out the Eleanor & Pete blog!

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