Dog Days

I’m starting to grow quite fond of my annual holiday session with Stacie and the ‘Brown Boys’, and this year was no exception thanks to the addition of 2 new boys: Brewer – a rescued puppy boxer, and John – an adult male fiance! I’m not sure who had the most fun at the shoot – but I’m willing to bet it was either me or Brewer. Although I didn’t have a Lady Bug squeak toy to keep me entertained.

Interesting fact of the day: Brody and Brewer snack on treats of steamed green beans and broccoli in place of dog biscuits. Weird.

Oddly enough, we completely forgot to get a shot of Dino, their little fighting fish. Of course that was the first thing Maddy asked me about when she saw the photos. I’ll have to remember to bring her with me next year.

Ah well.

Speaking of next year… I can’t wait to see how their little brood grows! (and before Stacie spams my email, I mean with puppies… not children) :)

Since we haven’t scheduled their actual engagement photos just yet, I wanted to grab a quickie shot of them. Thanks for being a trooper with the wet pavers, John.


On to the pups! The baby, little Brewer



Nikko, Brewer and Brody…. and Brewer, Nikko and Brody.


All the men in Stacie’s life