Lunatic Fringe Salon

Awesomesauce has become my new favorite word. It’s likely that I heard it somewhere, but I can’t seem to stop saying it. Today was another awesomesauce shoot with the girls at Lunatic Fringe Salon in Altamonte Springs. They’re a Paul Mitchell salon, and one of my favorite hair geniuses, Luisa V, asked me to come by and get some beauty shots for their salon signs. The girls were great to work with, and I thought I’d throw up some quick shots from the morning, even though they’re not really edited yet. I can’t wait to show off the rest of their awesome work!

For all those photographers out there, these were shot with some killer window light, 200 iso, 50mm 1.4 on my Nikon D700. Softbox bouncing off a white wall for some soft fill light.