Retro Cocktails and City Love For This St. Pete Wedding

Ami and Jason came to us late last year exited to have Stephanie be a part of their St. Pete wedding! For those of you who don’t know, Stephanie works in her husbands chiropractic office when she’s not shooting weddings. Ami just so happens to be one of their clients and is a crazy talented website designer!

We love anything non traditional because it is usually something that is more personal to the couple. You only get one day to do this so make it unique. Make it you! Ami and Jason got married and had their celebration at the Intermezzo Coffee & Cocktails in St. Pete Florida! They wanted to do something low key but have their friends and family there to celebrate with them!

Anytime we get to travel outside of our norm for a wedding it’s always a good time! Check out this North Shore Park wedding St. Pete!