Mia is 7 Months old!

You may remember little Miss Mia from her big debut photo shoot about 4 months ago…

This little baby might just be the cutest baby I’ve worked with (don’t be jealous, you can’t deny she’s adorable)! She toughed it out through some stormy clouds, technical difficulties and blazing heat. Angie and I worked together recently at my ex-full time job (woohoo for being a photographer all the time now!) and I absolutely fell in love with Mia from the moment I saw her. Angie and Orlando make beautiful babies – we’ve all agreed. One day, maybe I can get her to make one for me :)

You may also notice that I had a little launch of a brand new blog design (thanks Anthony!). I loved my other blog (designed by the uber-fabulous Linda Barnett), but with the start of my new life ventures, I needed a fresh beginning with my blog.

We’re still working on a few glitches, which is why you can’t comment – but feel free to pop on over to my Facebook Fan page and leave some love :)

So without much more dilly dallying – here’s little Mia.