Army Homecoming | Amanda and Brad

US Army Homecoming of Amanda & Brad

Amanda and Brad have been a member of the KWP Family for many years now – from their beautiful engagement session to their absolutely breathtaking St. Augustine wedding! Now living out of Orlando, Brad had been deployed for about 10 months with the US Army and was scheduled to return in June. Amanda reached out to see if we would come by and photograph this really exciting day for her, and of course I couldn’t resist!

The day of his return, weather gave us a bit of a delay (ok, hours and hours of delay) – so we ventured to Starbucks, then retreated to the hangar where we turned her dog in to a cartoon meme. You know, normal stuff.

Finally, after (I think) about a 3 hour delay, Brad’s plane arrived and the soldiers were home!

This was my first time photographing an Army homecoming, and I’m so glad I could be there with Amanda to welcome her amazing husband home!

First, how about a quick look at my life with this cute couple…

After, maybe, the 4th delay announcement, Amanda’s face kind of said it all…

We got word of the plane’s arrival, and everything scooted outside in the rain to greet their soldiers!

I LOVE this shot of Brad catching Amanda’s eye!

After a brief ceremony, the soldiers were released to their loved ones! This was my favorite part – watching these amazing men and women run to their friends, families and children!

We took a couple quick shots outside in a light drizzle…

…and after Brad grabbed his bag, they were off …. together again.