Amanda and Brad | Married

March 1, 2013 | St. Augustine, FL

Amanda and Brad met in high school many years ago – and while it may not have exactly been “love” at first sight, it was certainly a playful rivalry! I vaguely remember the story as algebra class and liking rival football teams. 1996 was a good year for connections, it seems! Years later, they reconnected when Brad was visiting UF for a football game. Amanda was going to college there so they decided to meet after the game to catch up. Six hours in to their “catching up” started a year-long long-distance romance between UF and UCF (where Brad was going to school).

Brad proposed after they ran a 10k together. First of all, I’m pretty impressed when someone tells me they run anywhere, much less 6 miles (at once). I would wager that (save for my brief years in school when I played basketball), all the times I’ve EVER run probably don’t add up to 6 miles (what can I say, running’s not really my thing). So sweaty, messy and exhausted, Amanda said yes…. and the rest is (less sweaty) history :)

Amanda promised me that their wedding would be “really flipping awesome” – so I had some high expectations. I do adore men in uniform at weddings, so that was a sure thing. But the rest of the day didn’t disappoint! It was a beautiful celebration, beautiful weather and a beautiful venue.

Featured in Style Me Pretty!

Venue: The White Room, St. Augustine, FL
Bridal Salon: Solutions Bridal House, Orlando, FL
Bridal Designer: Marisa
Bridal Shoes: J Crew
Makeup: Philosophie Salon, St. Augustine
Catering: OC Whites
Cake Design: Arlene Fores, Sweet Weddings
Floral Designer: Conservatorie Floral and Event Design
Bridesmaid Gowns: J Crew
DJ: Scott from Party Express
Macaroons: Bon Ami Confections

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