A Change of Scenery

Oh man. There are some photographers (like me!) who you would need to drag kicking and screaming to get in front of the camera.

Amanda McMahon is totally not one of those people! And although she prefers life behind the lens as a wedding and family portrait photographer in Titusville, she needed a couple quick pictures for her brand new website that will be launching in a few months!

Amanda and I like to catch up every month or so for a nice little lunch. She was one of the first photographers here in Orlando that really reached out to me and introduced me to some other amazing vendors. She was also a huge help during my Images for a Cure event (even appearing on a little cameo on our prize video!) It’s nice to know people that really like to support other photographers! So I was super touched that she asked me to take her new website photos :) I hope they serve her well!

Wanna know the secret to cracking her up? Apparently, it’s that I take pictures with one eye open.
It’s a cyclops thing… but it helps me not get headaches after weddings! (stop laughing, it works!)

I asked Amanda if she wanted to go in “the spool”… and she did! Yay! (But how amazing are her eyes? Seriously?!)