Relaxing at-home engagement session in Winter Park

Sarah and Marc are planning a large family celebration for their Alfond Inn wedding in December, so I loved the idea of a more relaxed at-home engagement session for them! She is the oldest of 6, and he is the youngest of 3 – and not withstanding their difference in birth order, they are a perfect compliment for each other!

Sarah is a graduate of Rollins College, so it was the perfect choice to get married at Knowles Chapel. They’ll be joining their over 200 guests at the Alfond Inn following their ceremony for an evening of dinner and dancing!

We’re still a little unsure if their sweet bernedoodle (Nellie) will be joining us – but I’ve got all my fingers and toes crossed!

I can’t wait to share their wedding, and I really hope more people will jump on this at-home engagement session idea! It was so relaxing and so fun!