Michelle and Ryan are getting hitched!

I must have bombarded my friend Michelle’s facebook page the minute I saw her oh-so-sweet engagement to her boyfriend, Ryan! Michelle and I met back at my days at The Ledger, and then I moved in to her same apartment complex. We shared countless walks, venting about work – and she even introduced me to my first ever Spin class! Oh, ha, and remember that “brilliant” idea to hit a 5am Yoga class?! And we both fell asleep in the back of the class during one of the Yoga poses. We were like the anti-workout, workout buddies!

Oh, and PS – Michelle, only a good friend would keep THIS:  http://twitpic.com/1bv5il

Anyways – enough about me! Michelle and Ryan are getting married on New Years Eve in Lakeland, FL – and I can’t WAIT for the bash these 2 are going to throw! So excited, that I’m going to start with the last photos we took – PhotoBooth style!

We shot their engagement session at Lake Eola in downtown Orlando, and then a couple of other super awesome spots!

Ok so funny story, but some girl was trying to chase a sleeping swan… this was Michelle’s reaction…..

Right after this photo, Michelle said “I bet everyone goes homes and makes babies after these engagement sessions!”
I’m not sure what Ryan was whispering to her…. and I think I like it better that way. Ignorance is bliss.

Ryan’s mom bought Michelle this gorgeous bracelet as an engagement present! We had to show it off :)

Loved our second location. After a few stops and phone calls – we got permission to shoot in this amazing lobby.

And our third stop for their lounge pictures. I don’t generally do 3 locations at my e-sessions, but I figured that I owed her for introducing me to Spin :)

Michelle and Ryan – thank you so much for spending the day with me on Sunday!
Between the rain and all of our crazy stops – I’m so happy with the photos. You guys are beautiful and I can’t wait for your wedding!

All my love!