Hot Pink and Sweet Tea!

If you’re here, it’s either because you know me, or you know Tab. For those of you who don’t know Tab yet (or maybe you know her more formally as Tabitha McCausland) – she’s the author of Hot Pink Brides, and an Orlando wedding photographer that I just recently had the privlege of meeting!  Since I still consider myself relatively new to wedding photography here in Orlando (don’t get me wrong, I’ve had 7 years of experience in photography – with 3 of those solely dedicated to wedding photography – prior to starting my own business), it was great to meet another local photographer who has been in business for 10 years!

We just started talking recently through facebook and I’ve been able to send some great referrals her way when I’ve been booked for a date. I can always count on her to take care of the girls I send over, and she’s been a great resource for me to get to know the huge network of wedding vendors here in Orlando!

Before I knew she wrote Hot Pink Brides, I shared a “first” with her! Not only was Hot Pink the first bridal blog I was ever published on (for my hot Couples session with Hollie and Lance), but I’m still the only Florida photographer ever featured on Hot Pink Brides (an honor that I will gladly defend with a catering fork).

Although it rained cats and dogs before (well, and during) our super quick portrait session, I can’t hate on the beautiful light we had! And I also can’t hate on the accessibility of photographers’ tools for a quick umbrella stand-in (hello studio lighting umbrella that created an amazing bounce and sunlight diffuser!) And certainly, I can’t hate on the amazingly delicious lunch that Dexter’s in Winter Park served up (or the desserts…. yummm). And that cutie little server who hand-made Tab her sweet tea by mixing up bowls of Simple Syrup to the un-sweet iced tea (and no thanks to the server who didn’t get the memo and refilled her glass with un-sweet after our server painstakingly mixed the concoction until all were satisfied)! Kudos to cutie server who brought our own bowl of Simple Syrup from that point on….


Here’s some highlights from her session!