Michelle and Matt | Engaged

Michelle and I had actually planned their engagement session for a few weeks before our actual shoot. After thinking over the perfect location, she told me that they loved to go to the Farmer’s Market on Lake Eola and visit the Beer Garden! Well our genius plan to shoot there delayed our session by a few weeks, but we met up in early June down near Thornton Park for their session. Starting in the morning isn’t always my favorite thing to do, but the light was gorgeous, the streets were empty and we hit the Farmer’s Market before too much of the crowd.

But our brilliant plan was foiled by the arrival of the Top Chef tour, and Matt’s perfect timing, remembering that the Beer Garden doesn’t open until noon.

Either way, we still had a fantastic shoot and I loved spending the morning with them touring around Thornton Park and the Farmer’s Market! I can’t wait until their wedding in October :) I have a feeling it’s going to be a fun one!