Luke | First Birthday

Every once in awhile, you meet someone who has the uncanny ability to sucker you in to the most ridiculous situations. Thank you, Kristen Johnson.

This is the day that I, Kristen Weaver, shot a children’s First Birthday Party.

Surrounded by babies, and juice boxes, plus the obligatory dad-on-grill-drinking-beer, I entered the strange world of mashing cake, drool and sippy cups.

But how do you celebrate your first birthday when your mom is part of one of the best Event Coordination practices in Orlando? With a Chicago Cubs themed birthday party, complete with concession stand, treats, a ball-field, and the most amazing cake-treats by Party Flavors!

Happy First Birthday Luke! And thanks for letting me celebrate with you, Kristen :)  But, the next time you want to hang out – I vote Olive Garden!