Oh, my sweet little Mindatt.

Bennifer and Brangelina can move over – because when you have clients that email you from one email address and you can’t always tell who sent it – you give them one name – Mindatt bei netflix filmeen.

Mindatt is getting married in October at a venue I’m super antsy to shoot at – the Orlando Science Center. But this is not a regular Orlando shindig – they will be surrounded by friends and family from all over the world vergangenheit von herunterladen. So bringing together such a sweet couple, required an engagement shoot worthy of Mindy’s fun-loving attitude, and Matt’s apprehensively-fun-picture-taking attitude, mixed with their connections to all things American and all things British ms office starter 2010 download for free. Bring on Downtown Disney!

We started the session at the location of their very first date – Fulton’s Crab House herunterladen!

After a quick trip over to the Pub for some drinks, we stopped by the old Pleasure Island

I’m pretty sure this was the old 80’s club – I used to love that place herunterladen! But the funky walls worked great during the day, too :)

You’ll notice the “science” theme is a bit ongoing… more on that at a  later date…

And yes, how awesome was it that they found these polo’s the day before our session sendungen!

Their wedding date is October 8th, and I can’t think of a better way to bring USA and England together kann kein instagram herunterladen!