Palos Verdes Engagement Session

I was definitely out of my comfort zone for this engagement session! But in such a good way :)

When Shakella, who had been Facebook stalking me for awhile, heard I was coming out to Los Angeles for my bestie’s wedding in April, she immediately enlisted her fiance, Jazz, to hire me for their engagement session! I was so excited to finally meet these two silly kids – who have a beautiful family together already! I had been talking to Shakella for so long, when we finally met it was like seeing an old friend. Her and Jazz were ready to comply with my weird request to go bowling, because I had found the most perfect alley – one of the oldest in Southern CA, the Palos Verdes Bowl!

But we didn’t end there – we took a trip out to one of the most amazing scenic overlooks in the area – with perfect views of the ocean, a cool breeze (haha, ok, maybe more than a breeze) and some sweet outdoor pictures to top off our day!

Shakella, Jazz and I had a great shoot – so I was even more excited when she invited Anthony and I out to shoot their wedding in Las Vegas in July!

I’m SO happy for this gorgeous couple, and their sweet families, and I can’t wait to see them again!

Shakella and Jazz… enjoy! (ps… thanks for being such awesome stalkers!)