Jess and MJ | Engaged

I am super duper excited about this engagement session! I absolutely love shooting in Celebration, and we had some of the most gorgeous early evening light!

Jess and MJ have the cutest style and I loved the outfits they brought to shoot in! Jess’s mom actually helped to style them! So that may sound a bit weird to most – but I got to meet Jess’s mom and she has a long history working in fashion and on photoshoots – so it was perfect for her to be involved!

But it was fantastic finally getting to meet MJ – who was in town for a few days. As a doctor living in New York, and a lawyer living in Orlando – they have the ultimate long distance relationship. But one of the things I will always remember the most about this adorable two-some is this little note from MJ, “Yes…managing a long-distance relationship (now, engagement) can be trying, but the thought of spending the rest of my life with her keeps me going.”


Now known as “The Squirrel Whisperer”, MJ coaxed this little guy out of our shot!