Candice and Kevin | LA Engagement

I don’t normally stress over writing blog entries. Especially when it’s a blog entry about a gorgeous engagement session. But this one is different, because my best friend Candice is getting married in April, and I went out to LA last week to shoot their engagement photos! We had a marathon engagement session that lasted about 8 hours, 5 outfits and oodles of cool locations!

How do you put in to words how much your best friend means to you? I keep trying to think of something clever to say, but instead, I’m reminded of just how fantastic a person she is.

I met Candice while working at Handel’s Ice Cream back in 1998. I was a junior in high school, she was a sophomore. When we realized we were basically the exact same person, we were inseparable. That summer, and my senior year, you could always find us together – at work, at school, lunch hours, weekends, dances…. she just got me (and that’s not easy for anyone!). She was creative, funny and so down-to-earth. She was also super shy (until you got to know her) and loved all the same things that I did. She was a talented artist and driven to greatness, I was sure of it.

After graduating, Candice attended the Fashion Institute in New York City, and her career as a fashion designer began. Now, looking to start her own couture bridal line, Candice has met the man of her dreams, bought a cute little house in Pasadena together, and is planning the most amazing vintage wedding event at the famous Wayfarers Chapel and historic Viceroy Hotel in April.

Kevin is a fantastic match for Candice, and I knew he was perfect for her when I heard he proposed in her favorite city at the Flatiron Building in New York. Not only did he get the location right, but her one-of-a-kind vintage diamond engagement ring was the perfect fit for her flawless fashion style.

I can’t wait to shoot their wedding in April, and share their amazing plans with everyone! And keep a lookout for Candice’s first collection of custom bridal designs that I’ll be shooting :)

Candice has always been one of the most beautiful people I’ve known. But seriously – look at those big green eyes!

Kevin’s not so bad either ;) No joke, I see beautiful babies in their future :)

After shooting in Pasadena, we stopped over at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown LA for a few quick shots.

On the way out to Manhattan beach, we stopped over at this amazing restoration shop.

Here’s a shot of her gorgeous vintage diamond ring…

We were so lucky to find these 2 posters of the very place where Kevin proposed! On the right is the Flatiron Building!

We went over to Manhattan Beach and grabbed a Starbucks on the very bench where they first met each other…

This is the bench on the pier where they sat and talked on that first date…

And to finish off the day, we *cautiously* incorporated Kevin’s surfing background by hanging out at some tide pools in the Pacific!

It was no easy task for Candice and I to get out to these rocks – but I’m pretty proud of ourselves for getting there without falling
(with Kevin’s help, thankfully)! The waves were amazing as they crashed around us….

Just before we left, I wanted to get a quick shot of the shoreline. I love the west coast! You just don’t get these views in Florida!