A House Divided

Last Sunday’s engagement session started off normal enough – cute couple, adorable setting, lots of giggling…. but then they pulled out the FSU/UF outfits… and I knew it was going to finish up a great shoot!

The first time I met Cara and Steven, I remember emailing Cara to let her know what I’d be wearing and she emailed me back with a vague description of herself, and then said “and Steven looks like Jesus”.

I knew we’d be a great match.

Their wedding is next month, on a Friday, at the Ritz Carlton in Sarasota. I can’t wait for their amazing day. Nothing sounds more exciting than a beautiful October beach wedding, and an after-party that even Diddy would be jealous of :)

I officially cannot wait!

Cara’s eyes are this amazing green… I couldn’t help but get this awesome shot of them!

This is probably a little more realistic – they’re such a silly couple! I love hanging out with them :)

Steven won the “how many pictures do you think we’ve taken so far” bet! Loser had to do the winner’s little mascot thingie….

These are probably my favorites from their entire shoot. We found this great little back alley and I just loved the light!

Have I mentioned how excited I am for their wedding? Yay! See you guys next month!!