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Puttin’ on the Ritz | Cara and Steven

Sarasota, FL | October 22, 2010 Cara and Steven Seguin I needed an absolutely cheesy title for one of my favorite cheesetastic couples, Steven and Cara samsung kies kostenlosen! They got married at the Ritz Carlton Beach Club in Sarasota. Their families were an absolute blast and I loved spending the day with them! Cara was really specific about the plans for the day: she wasn’t overly concerned with the details necessarily, she just really…

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A House Divided

Last Sunday’s engagement session started off normal enough – cute couple, adorable setting, lots of giggling…. but then they pulled out the FSU/UF outfits… and I knew it was going to finish up a great shoot gta 5 pc for free! The first time I met Cara and Steven, I remember emailing Cara to let her know what I’d be wearing and she emailed me back with a vague description of herself, and then said…

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