Carol and Randy

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times – it’s probably the biggest compliment to be hired by a fellow photographer (or vendor) to take their pictures. Whether it’s new headshots, photos with their hubby or shooting their wedding – I’m always super honored to work with these amazingly talented people!

I had never met Carol before,  but I have seen her gorgeous fashion photography work and we had a lot of mutual acquaintances.

So when Carol emailed me to shoot pictures of her and her husband of 5 years, Randy, I was really excited! She has some awesome ideas, which led us to a downtown rooftop with a few handfuls of balloons and some amazingly gorgeous photos! And even though Carol and Randy have been together for half a decade already, they’re more in love than ever. Seriously, they’re so adorable.

So to my sweet Carol and Randy: Thanks for being such awesome clients, and congratulations on your anniversary!!

Are you not dying over her gorgeous eyes? Seriously sick.

After about 15 minutes untangling balloons from their backseat, we got to play!

This is a more “natural” shot of Carol! Hehe!

One of my favorites. Love how sweet they are together!

As the session was winding down, our light kept changing. I love the way it broke through the moss in the trees. So sweet :)