written by Rachael Fan, KWP Fall 2016 Intern  I had the pleasure of interviewing with Seth Dunlap, a popular wedding videographer in Orlando. After a couple of days of playing phone tag – Seth and I finally got a hold of one another. Just finishing a meeting, he seemed like he was having a busy…

written by Rachael Fan, KWP Fall 2016 Intern 

I had the pleasure of interviewing with Seth Dunlap, a popular wedding videographer in Orlando. After a couple of days of playing phone tag – Seth and I finally got a hold of one another. Just finishing a meeting, he seemed like he was having a busy day, yet he so excited to talk to me about what he does and why he loves it so much. Just from our phone call, I could tell he’s the kind of videographer that you want to shoot your wedding. His passion for creating videos for a living definitely shines through, as well as him being so down-to-earth. He reminds me of that friend that you can go months without talking to, but everything’s still the same when you finally do.




Seth didn’t always know he wanted to be a videographer. He didn’t go to college and worked at Chick Fil A until his brother offered him a job at a recording studio. It wasn’t until he attended a wedding and was intrigued at his friend who was videotaping it at the time. But he never knew he could make a career out of it. Through a lot of trail and error, Seth self-taught himself the ins-and-outs of videography through YouTube tutorials. From learning what equipment to buy, to teaching himself the ropes on how to use editing systems, it wasn’t long before it all just clicked.

I asked him where he wants to improve on and he says color correcting and story-telling. It can make a video so much stronger just be improving the story-line.

We both laugh when he says “he basically just wants to make people cry”. (I’ll be sure to check in on your upcoming stuff, Seth. I’m a sucker for a good ole sob story.)



As some photographers and videographers have an idea what their ideal client is, Seth claims he doesn’t. In fact, he’s met a lot of his really good friends through being clients.

“It varies and it’s all about the people you work with. I don’t have a specific client. I’m looking to make an actual long-lasting friendship.”

Already booked with twelve elopements next year, his favorite type of videos to shoot are the more intimate ones. He loves working one-on-one with the couple because in the end, it’s all about telling their story.




Working alongside with photographers and friends can be the best combination. There’s a comfortability in bouncing different ideas of your peers, as well as pushing each other out of their comfort zone, in a good way. That’s exactly what happens when it comes to collaborating with friends – Josh Best Photography and Julia Cox.

For Josh and Seth, they act as resources. If either finds that their client might be a better fit for the other, they don’t hesitate at referring the other one. When he gets together with his Nashville friend Julia, they love working on fun collaborative shoots.

So I dove into more questions about his style that is so apparent in his work. Check out his stuff here.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

“Mostly from just traveling and meeting new people. In the wedding world – White In Revery – is a big one. The husband of that company taught me a lot. He’s really technical, which isn’t me. I get to learn a lot from someone who isn’t the same as me.”

I was ecstatic when I heard Seth was friends with the White In Revery team. They shot my holy grail of wedding videos. The wedding of Justin & Tara was shot in Nashville (my favorite city in the world) and is complete with ring bearer dogs and tops it off with Rascal Flatts being their performer. Check out their video here and let me know if you’re just as obsessed.

Where is the most exotic place that you’ve shot at?

“Tropical wise – probably Colombia – just to see that culture. But definitely Iceland and Ireland. Iceland is my favorite sight-wise and Ireland is my favorite people-wise.”

What is your hands-down favorite video you’ve ever shot. Why?

The Elopement of Sara & Teddy at Dunton Hot Springs in Colorado from Seth Dunlap on Vimeo.

“One of my biggest fears is trying to top this one. My favorite wedding video was the elopement in Colorado of my friends Sara & Teddy. Their story was so cool and I loved filming their vows. They didn’t have a videographer so I just jumped up to the opportunity and I was able to travel to Colorado!”

Jordan & Amanda’s Feature Film, Tallahassee FL #thecolletribe from Seth Dunlap on Vimeo.

“Another favorite of mine is Jordan & Amanda’s in Tallahassee. I know visually it’s not the best I’ve shot, but the story is so special to me. I was there in the beginning when they met.”

Wild Imagination – Death To The Stock Photo Promo Film // Colorado from Seth Dunlap on Vimeo.

For his favorite corporate film, it’d be Wild Imagination (my favorite)It was a spur of the moment trip which he shot a ton of footage in Colorado. And who doesn’t love taking in the scenic views of Colorado??



So what if Seth Dunlap never became a videographer?

He says he’s dabbled with personal training, but he’d probably pick up photography. And if not, maybe become a business advisor or planner since he has a lot of experience in marketing.

But fortunately, Seth Dunlap IS a videographer. A humble, hard-working one who I would definitely recommend if you’re looking for a wedding coming up, a music video for your band, or if your company at work is looking for something more corporate.

Be sure to check out Seth’s work on his website or on Vimeo. He’s super friendly so shoot him an email if you have any questions or just want to chat!

I’ll finish off this last question with something reflective and a question I always love to hear other people answer.

If you could give your younger self advice, what would you say to him?

“To have patience. I felt like when I was younger, I wanted everything to happen so fast. But it’s a long process of waiting, having patience in life and learning to be in the moment.”



Seth Dunlap Website | Seth Dunlap Instagram 

Seth Dunlap Facebook | Seth Dunlap Vimeo

 (843) 352-4615

photo & video credit by Seth Dunlap

Videographer Seth Dunlap
Photo courtesy of Seth Dunlap