LuLaRoe Review / Try Me Series #2 I know you all have been eagerly waiting for this LuLa Roe blog post and if you weren’t…just pretend! So lets recap. I am reviewing multilevel marketing products and a KWP Facebook friend, Jennifer Muroski, was nice enough to send us a few items from LuLa Roe! If…

LuLaRoe Review / Try Me Series #2

I know you all have been eagerly waiting for this LuLa Roe blog post and if you weren’t…just pretend! So lets recap. I am reviewing multilevel marketing products and a KWP Facebook friend, Jennifer Muroski, was nice enough to send us a few items from LuLa Roe! If you haven’t already seen our LipSense review make sure you check that out too by clicking here!

 Let’s get to it!

The KWP team would like to thank LuLa Roe distributor, Jennifer Muroski, for being part of our crazy shenanigans. We are not by any means sponsored to share our review. If you would like to purchase LuLaRoe here is a direct link to Jennifer’s site: Jennifer Muroski Distributor 

Left: all the LuLaRoe pieces we were sent (not meant to be worn together). Right: our favorite piece and how we would normally wear it!

Lacey, Gabe and I definitely had our prior thoughts about LuLa Roe. To be honest, we all agreed the patterns weren’t exactly our style. The crazy prints and mix match colors were overwhelming for our simple fashion palette.

We decided to put together ALL of the items we received for the LuLa Roe review. And yes, we went out in public like this to visit our friends at Solutions Bridal (thanks Kristen!).

Meggings!!! These are a thing…maybe? Gabe paired the Randy and Super Comfy Leggings together. He had a hard time with the leggings but I think he secretly loved them. Lets just say he kept looking at his back side!

*not pictured: Mark Tee– scroll down for more

Lacey reviewed the Cassie Skirt, Classic Tee and Leggings. “I have a hard time accepting this skirt…FSU inspired colors” (insert puking emoji) Lacey is a die hard UF fan! Despite the color fued, Lacey’s leggings were super soft but the pattern was a little too much for her.

What a look! My LuLaRoe review is on the Julia Dress and Leggings. By the way, I don’t recommend pairing the two together!

Keep on scrolling, keep on scrolling, keep on scrolling, scrolling, okay, but really keep scrolling to see how the KWP team would really wear LuLaRoe.

* Not pictured: Irma Shirt

Ahhh now that’s better! We all went for a casual look for this one.

Lacey paired her Classic Tee with her favorite jean shorts and white leather choker from Styled with Stones for a casual day out on the town! “I like how neutral it is and the fit of the shirt. But I’m not a huge fan of the direction the stripes are going”.

Gabe is wearing the Randy baseball tee. “It’s not that bad…it’s really soft” Gabe was a lot more comfortable when he was able to put his own flare on the LuLaRoe items.

All smiles in LuLaRoe!

I think what scared us the most about trying LuLaRoe were the multi-colored crazy patterns. We LOVE fashion but we are typically attracted to neutrals and simplicity.

I am a jeans and a t-shirt kind of girl so I think I got pretty lucky with this Irma Shirt. It’s simple, no pattern, long, and baggy. Just the way I like it! #Irmagerd


Brunch Anyone?

Round #2 Here Lacey is wearing her Cassie Skirt, Gabe is wearing his Mark Shirt and I have on the Julia Dress!

I was going for a casual girls brunch so I matched my Julia Dress with simple nude heels and a long necklace. I’m not a huge fan on this pattern and I don’t like the faded look, but it is super comfortable! The sleeves seem a bit long for me – but you’ll see how I rolled them in our video (at the bottom of this post).

Gabe gave his Mark Shirt a little edge by wearing it with distressed jeans and wrapping a jean button up around his waist. “It’s a little too long but I like the simplicity of it”.

Lacey wore her Cassie Skirt with a cute jean button up. “This would be perfect for a tailgate…if only it were gator colors!” Gators! Gators! Gators!

Namaste in LuLaRoe

For the most part, I see people wearing LuLaRoe as everyday clothing or lounge wear. So, we decided to take it to the next level and try LuLaRoe as athletic wear!


Lacey has a love/hate relationship with crossfit. “I sweat a lot in crossfit so wearing these would be miserable!” LuLaRoe Leggings are super soft so they will start sticking to your legs and make you irritably hot. They’re pretty warm – so summers in Florida may not be the first place we’d want to wear them.

I love volleyball but its uncomfortable to wear long athletic wear when playing so I decided to pair my LuLaRoe Leggings with a white sports bra to make it a cute yoga outfit!

Who wants to be our LuLa gym partner!?


It’s been a big trend these past couple of years to wear compression pants under your workout gear, so why not try LuLaRoe Leggings instead? Gabe wore his blue Mark Shirt with Leggings and added gym shorts over top for a cool yet fashionable workout look.



LuLaRoe Open Box Review


LuLaRoe Review: Is it worth it?

Overall, I think our biggest issue for our simple eye is the crazy patterns. I didn’t mind my print too much and they were really comfortable to lounge in. Wearing them as everyday clothing in the public though, that’s a different story. Gabe’s Mark Tee was a little long for his liking but at least it was a plain color! Lacey and I liked our Classic Tee and Irma shirt but with minor tweaks we would love it! I wasn’t a fan of the sleeve length on the Irma Shirt, it was a little irritating. I would have liked to see it either a little shorter or a little longer.

From a pricing standpoint, they’re a little on the pricey side for what you get.

Items can be anywhere from $20 to $70. Each consultant is different, you may get a bundle of items or they could be sold individually. You can find LuLaRoe via VIP LuLaRoe Facebook Groups where consultants will regularly post items they are selling. Some consultants, like Jennifer, have a separate LuLaRoe website called Shop the Roe for your purchases.