2018 Holiday Gift Guide As I sit here watching my husband clean dead bugs out of our lights and listening to holiday music on Spotify, I’m finally in the perfect Christmas spirit to share my Super cool non-lame gift guide! First, it’s short but sweet. Because I hate looking for gift guides and getting…


 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

As I sit here watching my husband clean dead bugs out of our lights and listening to holiday music on Spotify, I’m finally in the perfect Christmas spirit to share my Super cool non-lame gift guide!

First, it’s short but sweet. Because I hate looking for gift guides and getting hit with 40 options. Make it simple, right?! So here are my 10 favorites and a list of Honorable Mentions!

These are tried and true – the gifts that I’ve gotten the most compliments on from friends and family! They’re not really categorized in any particular way, but to give you an idea, I’m usually searching for gifts for my own friends and family – which usually consists of science nerds, 90’s babies and cat-lovers. So get to shopping, because Christmas is right around the corner!!

#1 Lovebook

Ever since seeing this gift from Phill to Caitlin, everyone at the KWP office has become obsessed with this completely personalized gift! Create your characters to look just like you, add text and inside jokes, pet icons and more! Trust me when I say you should jump over to their website and play around – you’ll be as addicted as we are!

Shop Lovebook: https://lovebookonline.com/

#2 Pop Chart Lab

Pop Chart Lab - Unique gift ideas
Photo from the Pop Chart Lab Website

Facebook advertising for the win. I fell for this scratch-off “99 bottles of craft beer” framed chart for my husband’s birthday. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! True story, today he whipped it out and started scratching off his latest brew with a little gleam in his eye.

Besides their super fun Scratch Off collections, they have incredibly beautifully designed wall decor for the scientist, photographer, nerd, coffee-lover and wizard in all of us!

Interested in shopping? https://popchart.co/

#3 Night Sky

Ok here’s an Instagram sponsored post score! You’ve probably seen their ad floating around IG lately, but honestly – check it out! You can create a custom star map from an exact date and location, and even add your own quote. I especially LOVE this gift idea for anniversaries! So much so, that I created my own for my wedding anniversary. I used our first dance lyrics as a quote and had the constellations mapped out. I chose to do the framing on my own, but you can select beautiful frames and have it shipped ready to gift! Personal, beautiful and thoughtful!

Shop for your own here: https://thenightsky.com/

Also, their Instagram is FULL of beautiful design and decor ideas.


#4 Mancrates


I realize I may have been late to the party since I only found out about Mancrates last year. But let me tell you – it did NOT disappoint! I have at least 10 minutes of ridiculous Christmas morning video footage of my husband and step-dad prying open this super secure crate with their included-crowbar to reach the goodies inside! Last year, I picked out the Everest Crate for my grill-happy dad, and the Personalized Oktoberfest Stein crate for my beer-loving husband (engraved with his name, of course!). I even picked up one for the guy in the office next to ours, just for being a cool dude. Their most popular options sell out pretty quick – and you can pick up anything from knife-making kits, to high-end liquor gifts and even a crate for your favorite Ramen connoisseur! Don’t forget the extra $10 to duct tape the crate for some extra curse words this Christmas!

Make sure you get on their mailing list, too! The Salami Bouquet was a big hit at my husband’s office when I shipped it to him for Valentine’s Day last year!

And don’t worry if you’re not sure what to get! Try the “Smash and Grab” gift card that comes encased in a cement block and ships with it’s own hammer and safety goggles!

Shop Mancrates here: https://www.mancrates.com/


#5 For the “Drinkers”



Photo from the Drinkfinity Website

The only way I’ve been able to drink water this year, developed in Miami and backed by Pepsi. I love everything Drinkfinity stands for – sustainability, taste and natural ingredients. They’ve partnered with Water.org, an international nonprofit organization that has positively transformed millions of lives around the world through access to safe water and sanitation.

“Through this partnership, we give you the opportunity, with every purchase of Drinkfinity, to contribute to reducing the global water crisis. Every step of the way, Drinkfinity is rethinking the way you drink, and part of that process is making Drinkfinity Pods recyclable. Our partnership with Loop Industries allows you to recycle your Drinkfinity Pods by mail.” Read more about their story here: https://www.drinkfinity.com/our-story

Shop here: https://www.drinkfinity.com/



Photo from the Cauldryn Website

An electronic travel mug that keeps your drink at the perfect temperature all day? Yes please! Select any temperature you want between room temp and boiling, and Cauldrynwill keep it precisely!  You can have your coffee or tea at the perfect temp from the first sip to the last. It makes every sip perfect. Cauldryn’s powerful heating element can do more than just keep your coffee hot. You can brew coffee, heat up soup, cook, even boil right in the bottle. They even have a blender!


Lineage Coffee Roasting

Local to Central Florida and want to pick up a great gift? This was a recommendation I got from my friend on Facebook! Lineage Coffee Roasting is in Orlando and has truly fabulous and unique coffee – like Ethiopia Aricha (with notes of Blackberry, Stonefruit and Floral) or 431° espresso blend, with notes of soft herbs and sweet toffee!

Started in 2012, the company now has 2 locations in Orlando (East End Market and Mills/50). The best part about the company is that they work to educate their clients! You can actually check out their Roasting & Brew Guides, or be part of their Lineage Academy on Instagram!

Shop Lineage Roasting here: https://www.lineageroasting.com/



Photo from the Hopsy Website

Keg home delivery? Seems a bit extra, I realize. But if you have a brew-lover in your family, this could be the perfect option for a unique gift!

“Whether you’re a hop head, malt mouth or a palate party-er, we have beers that you will love. We work directly with dozens of breweries around the country to source the best beers and give you access to their limited releases. We select your beers based on your preferences but also give you the flexibility to make changes and order anything from our menu. Enjoy a rotating selection of beers each month!”

Shop Hopsy: https://sf.hopsy.beer/

or use my referral link to get a free machine! http://hopsy.refr.cc/kristenweaver


After raising nearly $2 million on Kickstarter, this start up will be shipping before December 20th to deliver these awesome, compact, reusable straws! Recommended by Lisa Stoner on Facebook, we’re loving everything about their campaign – including their fun marketing! Join the revolution cutting down on plastic waste and be a responsible sucker!

Shop FinalStraw: https://finalstraw.com/


#6 Groovy Guy Gifts

While we’re on the topic of men… I’d like to introduce you to Groovy Guy Gifts! The company was actually started by 2 brothers who ran out of gift ideas for each other – so this is a great one-stop-shop for all the men in your life who have everything already! They sent us some personalized items to try out and we loved the Flask in Cask and Mugician! We also have our eyes on these personalized Whiskey Stones!

The products are affordable and their personalization is quick – making it a great holiday or wedding gift for your hubby, groomsmen, dads, brothers or random guy at the office!

Shop Groovy Guy Gifts: https://www.groovyguygifts.com/

#7 Teak & Twine

We stumbled on this shop via Instagram a little while back looking for a condolence gift for a friend. We ended up being so impressed with the company, customer service and product, we’ve been singing their praises ever since! What I love most about their box sets is that they are so beautifully put together – they make a perfect gift to ship to someone you may not be able to see for the holidays.

Holiday gifts, bridesmaids gift, stocking stuffers and even corporate/client gifts – they have you completely covered with thoughtful, unique collections! You will honestly get completely lost in the prettiness of their website – with so many ideas and sets to look at! We’re huge fans here at KWP!

Shop Teak & Twine: https://teakandtwine.com/

Teak and Twine - bridesmaid gift ideas
Photo from the Teak & Twine Website

#8 Sugarfina

Because apparently I love pretty things… Sugarfina has been my go-to for vendor and client gifts for years! But last year I bought everyone in my family custom bento boxes with candies that matched their personalities! I was only sad that I neglected to buy one for myself – but at least I got to taste test everyone else’s!

The men were given Vice boxes, complete with alcohol inspired goodies like Single Malt Scotch “Cask Strength”, Tequila and Cuban Rum Cordials!

Lacey’s favorite is the Rosé All Day collection – which is a gummy candy infused with real Rosé wine! But the holiday collection has some real gems – like Reindeer Noses, Gingerbread Bites, Pumpkin Pie Caramels and Jamaican Rum Snowballs.

Definitely check out the Sugarfina BLOG for cute ideas, new products and photos!

Sugarfina - best gifts for girls
Photo from the Sugarfina website/gift guide

Shop Sugarfina here: https://www.sugarfina.com/

#9 SnorgTees & ThinkGeek

I told you I have a lot of super nerdy people to buy for, right? Well, I couldn’t possibly have a tie-breaker between my 2 favorite “nerdy” go-to gift stores: SnorgTees and ThinkGeek!

SnorgTees has every shirt you could possibly imagine for your dorky better-half, including a ton that I don’t understand because they’re all science-y and stuff. Some of my favorites are in the photo below!

Photos courtesy of the Snorgtees Website

Now let’s go to ThinkGeek. Here’s the problem – it’s an abyss of website rabbit-holes. I can’t even start naming my favorite items there – because every click takes me further down the hole of Star Wars, Harry Potter and Legos (just to name a few!). But there are little hidden gems on there, too – like the Jim Henson Novel Box Set, and Blobfish Slippers (you guys, I’m obsessed with Blobfish!)

They also have a ton of departments to shop – everything from clothes to electronics and appliances!

Every year I spend ENTIRELY too much money at this website. But it’s the best place for really cool gifts that you can’t find practically anywhere else!

PS: for kids that want to play Cards Against Humanity but aren’t old enough – check out the card game “Superfight”! With tons of expansion packs to collect, this game is a BLAST for kids and adults! You have to check out the link to understand it fully – but basically you just get to argue about which person’s character and superpower would win in a fight. Nothing says Holiday Cheer like fighting with your family over imaginary people! We got this for our kids a few years ago and it’s still one of my favorite games to play… and I’m 36.

ThinkGeek.com - super nerdy gift guide ideas
Recently viewed items on ThinkGeek

Shop thinkgeek and get 10% off with my affiliate link: https://share.thinkgeek.com/x/h0bizY

#10 Makeup and Stocking Stuffers


You guys. I don’t care who calls me out on this – but ColourPop is kinda the best at the holidays. Ultra trendy, super-wearable makeup that made it’s grand debut 3 years ago as an indy social media-marketed makeup line. It’s now being sold in heaps online (and with some exclusive-to-Sephora products). I go ham every year on their site picking up stocking stuffers, palettes and lip sets for all the women in my family! At $5 a pop, it’s a great option for affordable gifts! Especially if you’re on a budget for friends or co-worker gifts!

Their 2018 Holiday Collection was just launched – “This is not a dream” – and it’s full of beautiful bright colors!

Shop: https://colourpop.com/collections/holiday


Storybook Cosmetics

If you have someone who cult-follows Mean Girls the way I do – you’ll want to pick up the Burn Book palette from Storybook Cosmetics! Another indy makeup brand, Storybook Costmetics (started by identical triplets) found their fame on Instagram by launching Wizard Wand brush sets, and have continued with highly sought after brush sets and palettes, paying homage to some of our favorite movies (like the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory eye palette!)

Their Instagram is a great place to read up on their newest ideas (like their upcoming “Starry Night” palette) and get some great inspiration!

Storybook Costmetics Burn Book Palette
Photos from the Storybook Cosmetics Instagram page



Honorable Mentions

For the nail savvy: Cirque Colors Thermal nail polishes, limited edition Holiday 2017 colors in Glacier Blue (temperature-sensitive metallic foil that changes to deep cornflower blue when cold and pale silver-blue when warm) and Prima Donna (temperature-sensitive metallic foil that changes to rose gold when cold and white gold when warm)

Shop: https://www.cirquecolors.com/

For the one obsessed with relaxation: The Little Blue Hippo on Etsy! A recommendation from Carol Ann on Facebook, Kelly hand-creates soaps and luxury skin products with ingredients like Merlot, Beer, Cactus and Dewberry!

Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/theLittleBlueHippo

For the man who loves meat: A recommendation from Ashley and Marc, try Meat Claws! “A great little stocking stuffer idea for guys are “meat claws!” They’re like $9 on amazon and all of Marc’s buddies are obsessed with them!”

Shop: https://www.amazon.com/Grillaholics-Meat-Claws-Accessories-Dishwasher/dp/B00YBQSTCA

Stores with lots of cool random stuff: I’ve been finding more hodpodge ideas from stores like Uncommon Goods, ModCloth and Urban Outfitters. Don’t rule them out for great stocking stuffers, quirky gifts and amazing cat shirts.

For the one who wants to be the first: Check out Kickstarter! I’ve been dying to get a Gravity Blanket. Even my favorite game, Exploding Kittens, started on Kickstarter!

For the do-gooder: Consider donating to their favorite pet rescue organization, charity or charitable cause! I work with The Pixel Fund and, like most of these smaller run charities, your donation directly helps them rescue, rehabilitate and place animals in forever homes!