written by Erin Kelly, KWP Intern   I had the pleasure of meeting with Patricia from LeJeune Artistry in Orlando, Florida. We shared a coffee and green tea, she answered a few questions about the ins and outs of a stylist and makeup artist, and she even gave me a few makeup tips for myself! Patricia is…

written by Erin Kelly, KWP Intern


I had the pleasure of meeting with Patricia from LeJeune Artistry in Orlando, Florida. We shared a coffee and green tea, she answered a few questions about the ins and outs of a stylist and makeup artist, and she even gave me a few makeup tips for myself! Patricia is passionate about what she does and, needless to say, she’s wonderful at her job as well. Many of the brides photographed by Kristen Weaver Photography choose to have their hair and makeup by LeJeune Artistry. In addition to this, I decided to set up an interview with Patricia because she is truly an inspiring stylist, makeup artist and business owner!




Patricia didn’t necessarily have a typical start into the world of makeup and hair. Originally, she was going to school as a Political Science major hoping to eventually become an attorney. She soon realized that she needed a bit more excitement, and as she says, “The rest is history!”




 A typical day on the job varies for Patricia. “An easy day would be starting at 9 a.m. and ending somewhere around 5 p.m.,” she explained. But, that doesn’t stop her from working days beginning at 2 a.m. and finishing up the day around 8 or 9 p.m.


What is your favorite part of your job?

“I enjoy meeting new people and going from venue to venue. I like the change of scenery from day to day.”


Wedding day hairstyle / LeJeune Artistry

Jessica and Collin



Patricia’s ideal client is by no means hard to come across.

“My perfect client is some one that is excited about their day, has a realistic expectation, and is wanting to look like a better version of what they usually seem.”


If you’re looking towards being the quintessential client, be sure to try to keep your bridal party on time!

“The most difficult part of my job is when the bridal party is not ready to get started, or if someone is running behind within the bridal party and we end up running behind.”


This all leads into the importance of doing a trial run for your wedding day hair and makeup.

“It concerns me when some one wants to try some thing new on their wedding day; I always prefer them to try that at their trial.”



Wedding day hair and makeup / LeJeune Artistry

Ananda and Shamir

If a client wanted a style that you personally believed would not suit them, how would you handle that? 

“I usually prefer to give them the option of doing the look that they are wanting on one side, and then on the other half of your face, let’s tweak your choices and let’s mold them to your liking. So we’ll do one side full out, exactly how the picture looks, and the other side is a more subtle look.”


Patricia always wants to make sure that she is giving her clients what they truly want. She expressed, “You have to get in touch with the person and see where they are.”



Do you like when clients bring in photos of the style they are wanting?

“I do! A lot of the time they’ll give me the photo and say, ‘I love this.’ Then you have to break down the photo and ask the client, ‘Do you like the eyebrows in this picture? Do you like the way that they’ve done the eye liner?  Do you like how it’s highlighted? Do you like the lips?’”


What is your favorite look that you’ve done?

“I like it when it’s very soft. I’m a minimalist, I think, but I just like it when they still look like themselves.”


Bride hair and makeup / LeJeune Artistry

Nicole and Robert




How is it different to apply makeup for a wedding day, as opposed to a photoshoot?

“If it’s a photoshoot, you layer, you go a little bit more intense with the blush and eyes, and you need a little bit of color on the lips. But if it’s a wedding, I feel you have to layer your colors softly… She still has to look like herself. When you go too heavy on a client, and they don’t feel like themselves, it comes across in their photos. I love when I’m done with a client and they look at themselves and say, ‘I look good!’”


Patricia’s favorite product in her salon is her airbrush foundation, which is a brand she has been using for 12 years. While the airbrush she uses is difficult to manage at home, she suggested, “Go to the Dior counter and get the Dior Flash.”

As for the rest of the makeup, Patricia says, “I stick with MAC.”


What is your favorite makeup trend right now?

“I like the dark lips that are coming back, I think it’s fun!”



Bridal makeup and hair / LeJeune Artistry

Biana and Johnny




All in all, Patricia feels that, “People should exfoliate and moisturize more.” Her essential guidance for those who are not so makeup savvy is simple: “Experiment.”


If you don’t want to experiment on your own, don’t fret- just head over to LeJeune Artistry Salon!

“We do makeup classes at the salon, and when we do them we ask our clients to come in with their makeup. I want to see what they have and then we build on that. We can create a look with what they have, or I can give them a list saying, ‘This is what you have, this is what you’re able to do, however if you purchase these two additional shadows, and this brush, it would make your life so much easier if you wanted to switch it up.’”


With all of the hype on full eyebrows lately, cue Cara Delevingne, I was looking for some advice to up my eyebrow game. Naturally, Patricia had noticeably great eyebrows that filled me with eyebrow envy. Her secret?

“I don’t clean the top, and I only do the underneath.” So, when you go to get your eyebrows cleaned up, “Always tell them you’re not necessarily looking for an arch.”




If you could do one celebrity’s makeup, who would it be?

“I really like Scarlett Johanson. I love her face shape. She would be very fun to work on.”


What are your opinions on the Kardashians and their sense of makeup?

“I think kudos to them. They’re willing to experiment; they’re willing to try new things.”


The only problem that may occur with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, is that clients develop unrealistic expectations. “You can do so much just with contouring. You can change a person’s face. I think it’s fun. I do think some times it makes my life harder, especially at work.”





When speaking of her clients, Patricia expressed, “Our clients are very kind. We have really good clients.” 


Those who have visited LeJeune Artistry Salon have nothing but kind regards in return. One client expressed, “I’ve never felt more beautiful!” Another happy client claimed she, “Felt like a model and looked flawless!” But, overall her work truly speaks for itself.

Here are a few products that Patricia mentioned during our interview; go ahead and give them a try, I know I am!


Dior Addict Lip Maximizer High Volume Lip Plumper

Dior Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation

MAC Eye brow Pencil (Lingering)

MAC Lip Liner (Plum)




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photo credit for featured image of LeJeune team by Castaldo Studios