Your New Favorite Dress Designer Marisa Bridal

Hello, world! I’m Lexie and this is my first bridal blog, so let’s stumble through this together!

This week, we were challenged to find a bridal designer’s collection that we really love and to write about them! I’m a notorious reality show binge watcher, especially wedding dress shows, so this was fun for me! I started by searching through the incredible selection at Solutions Bridal and immediately fell in love with Marisa Bridal. The vintage-romantic styles caught my eye and I adore all of the little details as well as the company itself.

Marisa Bridal gown

One of the biggest things I think about when shopping is my budget. I’m no stranger to overdraft charges so I’ve taught myself to pay attention to price tags. Wedding dresses come with pretty big price tags, especially if you find yourself falling in love with couture designs. But, as I’ve discovered with Marisa Bridal, the luxury of a beautiful gown doesn’t have to come with refinancing your mortgage!

Marisa Bridal details

Tamara Kristen, designer of the Marisa Collection, takes your wallet into account as she designs her dresses. No, that doesn’t mean she uses cheap fabric and child labor… but she has found a way to lower prices using her business plan. To keep costs down, Tamara doesn’t advertise her designs. This allows her to give brides their dream dress without the high expenses!

Marisa Bridal wedding

A designer that cares about their brides and helps them to have their dream dress is hard to come by. Not only is this company an outstanding one, but they have beautiful designs as well! Lace-lovers will be obsessed with their collection. With a vintage feel and a romantic selection, brides will definitely find something that fits their taste!

Marisa Bridal 925

My personal favorite is gown number 925. With a stunning mermaid silhouette and a contrast of white lace on ivory fabric, this dress stands out. I can picture myself walking down the aisle in this dress, the star of a 1920’s romance movie with a dramatic scene coming up where I’ll kiss my movie husband in the pouring rain… sigh. But if you’re not an ivory girl or a mermaid silhouette girl, Marisa Bridal offers gowns in a variety of silhouettes. The dresses are also customizable for each bride (there are 5 different color choices!) so you can be sure to look like a movie star on your big day.

Marisa Bridal gowns can be found right here in Orlando at Solutions Bridal! This store is dedicated to giving their customers the best dresses of the best quality, so you know that Marisa Bridal is a great brand. Plus, with a fun, upbeat staff, they make sure finding your dream dress is a memorable experience.  So, if you are looking for a high quality, couture-wedding dress without the insane price tag, Marisa Bridal is a must!

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