Final Thoughts as a KWP Intern: Renee

The End of my KWP Internship: Renee’s Final Thoughts

As a college student, I am always looking for something to add to my resume to help me stand out. Six months ago I found the KWP internship while trying to think of ideas. I am a strong believer that absolutely everything happens for a reason, so I went with my gut on this one. Prior to being an intern for Kristen, I had a mini quarter-life crisis (yes, they’re a real thing). With Graduation quickly approaching I definitely had to figure out what direction I wanted to take in life. Fast-forward six months, and my final thoughts are that I am more confident in myself and my future now more than ever before.

The KWP internship helped me figure out what hobbies I’m passionate about. I even have an idea of the professional direction I want to take after college now. I can not thank Kristen enough for all of that. She is constantly pushing us to step out of the box and believes in every single one of her interns. I don’t think I would have ever achieved half of the things I did, had it not been for her constant support and creative direction. As an intern, was lucky enough to have my hand in multiple different projects, my favorite one was being able to create a styled shoot that was published in Imirage magazine!

studio shoot published studio shoot

The Chicks

My time working as a KWP intern has been such a great experience. The best part is being part of “The Chicks” girl gang at KWP. Colette and Kellen have been along on this crazy ride with me – and now I am lucky enough to call them friends! From Mini Brands, webbed toes, tik-toks, horseback riding, planning, editing, and one too many handwritten thank you letters. I wouldn’t trade the knowledge I’ve gained or this experience for the world! I’m thankful for the opportunity to make such great friends along the way!

KWP interns

Wedding Experience

I had the opportunity to assist Kristen with Josh and Ellie’s wedding at Bellewood Plantation. The whole day had dancing, a fire-pit, a coffee-truck, and a big sparklers send off at the end of the night! Their wedding was simply beautiful and a great opportunity to learn the in’s and out’s of a typical wedding day.

orlando wedding photographer wedding photographer orlando photographer orlando photography

An Adventure in Cheshire

As part of the internship, Colette and I were tasked with creating, designing and executing a full styled shoot. We got to create a whole shoot and bring it to life, which was such a dream come true! The concept we decided on was based on the Disney classic, Alice in Wonderland.

We really wanted to make our styled shoot something to remember. Kristen even found Alpacas for the shoot in a matter of hours! P.S. I Love You Productions arrived on scene with two alpacas and a llama in hand. Being able to work with Alpacas for our shoot was something I never thought I would have the opportunity to do. #JustKWPinternthings

styled wedding shoot styled shoot photography paper goat post The vintage dish P.S. I love you productions

This chapter of my life has been a amazing and such a learning lesson. I am so thankful Kristen gave me this opportunity. The Chicks, Gabby, and Kristen are all individuals that I’ve grown to know and love. Without a doubt I can say that my final thoughts are that this internship has provided me real life experience and I can’t thank Kristen enough for this amazing opportunity.