Lee Forrest a Talented Florist

Lee Forrest Designs

“I [have] always wanted to do it since I was 5 years old!”

I had the pleasure of interviewing the very talented Lee Forrest, who is not only an incredible designer but has an incredibly big heart.


Lee Forrest has known he wanted to be a florist since he was 5 years old. “I lived on a farm and the flowers bloomed in the summer; I thought it was magical”.

Lee Forrest painting

(Painting by Lee of his family’s farm!)

Lee would pick bundles of flowers and wrap them in tin foil or put them in mason jars – before they were trendy! Lee grew his own garden as a kid and the first flower that bloomed in this garden was a marigold.

Lee, who has lost both his parents, was able to incorporate what he loves to do in both their funerals.

For Lee’s father: “Trees were blooming on the farm, so I cut long branches of redbuds, dogwoods, peach trees and incorporated them into the arrangements that I designed for his funeral.  He loved being out on the farm.”



For Lee’s Mother: “I was able to cut some daffodils out her yard that were just starting to bloom and mix those into her funeral flowers. Again, the last flowers I was able to give to my mom.”



With 15 years of experience running a business, and 25 years of professionally doing flowers, Lee still continues to awe and shock his clients with his designs! He likes to try things that he’s never seen done before.

Lee LOVES designs “with wire, anything crazy – funky – edgy, out of the ordinary!” His passion for creating beautiful pieces of artwork out of nature and working with people has blossomed into an incredible career where he continues to inspire and create magical days for everyone.

Lee Forrest Designs reception decor
An elaborate reception design by Lee Forrest for Alexandra and Dustin’s wedding at the Country Club of Orlando in October, 2015.

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