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This Lake Mary Events Center wedding was the classic black and white wedding. I’m still unsure if the color scheme sprouted from their last name “White”, but either way it was a stunning wedding. Brittany and Corey included some personalized items, including his and hers vow books, a “Mrs. White” hanger for Brittany’s dress, and a personalized garter. The whole day encompassed a beautiful black and white wedding. Brittany described her mother as “her person” so it was really sweet to see her walk Brittany down the aisle to give her away. When it came to dances at the reception Brittany and her mother shared a not-so traditional mother-daughter dance. But, then Brittany also danced with Corey’s dad, while Corey danced with his and Brittany’s mom. It was all very sweet.

How Corey and Brittany met is like in the movies. They have been best friends since they were pre-teens, talking on the phone with each other almost every night. At Brittany’s 14th birthday party Corey’s mom told her dad that her son was going to marry his daughter one day. Brittany didn’t hear that story until they had been in a relationship for three years. When they were eighteen years old they decided they both had feelings for each other, and the rest is history! 

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