Floral Spotlight: Raining Roses Productions

The sky is the limit when it comes to floral design, and Raining Roses Productions proves that with every commitment they work on. Their attention to detail and ability to personalize each client’s needs is what truly sets them apart as a floral service. I was able to get in touch with one of the founding owners of Raining Roses, Jesus Rodriguez and ask him a few questions about his personal style, favorite aspects of his job, and more!


Q. How long have you been in the business as a florist? Also, how did you get into florals?

A. Raining Roses has been open as a business for 14 years. But, I have been in floral design for 32 years. I have been an artist from my younger days at school back in Mexico, and being new in the United States I was exposed to floral and fashion design.

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Q. You and your partner at Raining Roses have a background that differs from floral work–how do you think that has helped your business in the floral industry?

A. My partner has a background in literature and the arts, but he was a very talented event designer. Being my mentor, I gained my knowledge from him. The fashion industry has been a very competitive industry and it taught me the basics of being innovative and forward in my design.


Q. What is your favorite part about what you do?

A. My favorite part is the face of bride when they receive or view the flowers.

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Q. Do you like when clients bring in photos of bouquets and such, so that you can recreate their vision?

A. Yes, I do like when the bride brings inspirational images. Usually the client brings pictures of their inspirations, and I do my version inspired by the picture.


Q. How would you describe your personal style?

A. Classic.


Q. What are some of the biggest wedding trends and floral themes among your clients lately?

A. Fairy Tale and Organic Botanical.

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Q. If a bride gave you full creative control, what color combinations and flowers would you use to create her bouquet?

A. That will never happen–color is a very personal choice. But, if that were to happen, I would do white peonies, O’hara garden roses and white gardenias. Very classic.


Q. Are there any lessons that you have learned as a florist that you would like to pass along to florists just getting started?

A. My advice would be, don’t promise something that can’t be delivered. Always have realistic expectations, and lastly, you are only as good as your last wedding!


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Q. How do you handle situations where a client has unrealistic expectations? Such as budgeting issues or seasonal floral.

A. I usually try to educate them about value as well as seasonal floral. If it is not the season, it is just not existing at that time.


Q. How important do you think it is to form a positive relationship between you and your client?

A. It is very important. If that doesn’t exist, things can end up in a disaster.


Thank you SO much to Jesus for chatting with me! I added their contact information below if you’d like to book them for your own wedding or event!


Raining Roses Productions
3506 St Valentine Way suite #4
Orlando, FL 32811