Seasonal Wedding Color Trends for the 2020 Bride

Just like the seasons, wedding color trends are always changing. We are here to showcase wedding colors by season that will help make your wedding stand out in the new year. The wedding colors by season we have come up with are mainly drawn from interior design and emerging fashion trends. We hope this will help inspire you for every season when planning your 2020 wedding!

Orlando spring weddings 


Mellow Yellow, Cameo Pink, Puce, Dark Puce, Turkish Rose

With the days getting longer and temperatures beginning to rise again, Spring is in the air. There are softer shades of pink ranging from blush to Rosey neutral tones. All of the flowers are beginning to blossom again, so there is plenty of inspiration for colors everywhere you look. Pairing pale pinks with monochromatic colors it the perfect combination for a beautiful spring wedding. The pinks can be broken up by adding a pop of color, try using lemon yellow as a secondary color. If yellow is not quite what you are feeling then do not fret, white would also be a great choice. Use Spring in 2020 to achieve a bright, beautiful wedding.

The photos above were from Neema and Nana’s wedding at Bella Collina! Their florist was Cindy’s Floral LLC  and the bridal gown is Pronovias from The Bridal Finery. The Hair Artist was Liz Up Dos and the makeup artist was Dorka Jones.

Summer wedding floral inspiration


Golden Brown, Peach-Orange, Carrot Orange, Blue Sapphire, Gold Infusion

With the oceans warming up and the beaches calling your name, Summer in 2020 is all about optimistic colors. Be bold with yellows and oranges while bringing in cool blues, beiges, and pinks. The summer sunsets are a great source of inspiration for bright colors, or even how the ocean water seems to change to different shades of blues as it is warming up. An antique look can be achieved by using blues and greens as accents to neutral tones. Having a neutral palette with jewel tone accents works wonders. Also, no matter what year it is or what is currently trending, hunter green is timeless and a beautiful addition to any Summer wedding.

The photo above is from Amy and Andrews wedding at Casa Feliz, the Florist for this wedding was Raining Roses Productions.


Fall wedding at Bella Collina


Sangria, Copper, Pastel Gray, Wood Brown, Old Moss Green

With all our favorite holidays coming up in Fall it is to find inspiration. Look at decorations people use for their homes around these times. Also, depending on where you live you may be lucky enough for the leaves to change which brings out beautiful reds, oranges, and browns. Use this time to fall in love with deep berry reds, muted purple, olive green, and woodland colors. We are creating a whole mood to go with the crisp fall air. Pulling in mushroom grey with fern and earth-inspired colors gives a naturalist feel. If you want to mix in rich bronze or clay colors you can achieve a more modern and industrial look.

The photo above is from one of our styled shoots at Bella Collina that was featured on The Celebration Society! The Florist was Raining Roses Productions, and both the hair and makeup were done by LUMA Bridal. The bridal gown was designed by Rivini and the dress shop was Solutions Bridal Designer House.


Winter 2020 Color Palettes

Country club of Orlando reception


Oxford Blue, Charcoal, Pearl, Deep Taupe, Hunter Green

A cool chill is in the air during the winter season. If you look around your surroundings are full of grey undertones and saturated moody tones. Neutral colors like taupe, greys, and off white with a pop of cool blue is a crowd stopper for winter weddings. Moody tones are best when they have natural lighting- so take advantage of beau green, Kendall charcoal, hale navy, and hunter green for outdoor weddings. For more of a minimalist look then try creams, beiges, or whites all with bolder more colorful undertones. Winter has a sense of romance about it, and all of these colors add to that in a huge way.

The photos above is from Ben and Tori’s wedding reception at the Country Club of Orlando, the florist was Ian Tafoya Designs.


It is important to remember that every bride and wedding is different. Color inspiration for your special day can be drawn from your venue or use the color of a key detail you have for your wedding as a starting point. Some brides may even pick out the color scheme before anything else, and that is perfectly fine! We are sharing these trends to help brides at any point in their planning process, so they may be able to pick their wedding colors by season. We were able to generate these color palettes using websites like adobe color and Coolors.