Rosie and Jackson | Married

Adelaide Wedding in Australia

January 28, 2012  |  Rosie and Jackson

On the hottest day (over 110 degrees Fahrenheit), in the drying place, I found myself shooting a wedding on the other side of the world. Only in my dreams would I have had the opportunity to travel to Australia – not just once, but twice in the same year. But even more surprising was how many of these amazing people became some of my dearest friends. Leaving Australia was bittersweet, because I know how difficult it is for us to chat, much less see each other again. With over 15 hours of time difference between us, we rely on Facebook to say our hellos.

How they met

Rosie and Jackson met through their church. Jackson, a teen from Perth, and Rosanna, a young lady from Adelaide, met on a church trip. During Rosie’s mother’s toast, I learned that she knew Jackson was “the one” for Rosie when she came home to find Rosie clipping his toenails. I’m so glad she shared that detail with all of us, so that I can adequately embarrass them both in front of my readers from the other side of the world :) But since I believe in equal opportunity, I need to mention Jackson’s first impression of Rosie – at lunch with a plate of cheese nachos. And as she delicately pulled one from the pile, she mentioned to Kylie (one of her best friends, and now bridesmaids) that it resembled the pimple she had popped on her back that morning. Love comes in all forms.

We fully anticipated to be prepared for summer in Australia. Coming from Florida, we have our own constant summer year-round. But even in January, boarding the plane at a chilly 60 degrees and arriving in Australia at well over 110 (luckily with only slight humidity), we were a hot sweaty sunburnt mess by the time we got done shooting their outdoor ceremony and formals!

Australian Atmosphere

Rosie’s dress and all of the bridesmaid gowns were custom designed and made by Rosie and her mom, Tina. They were amazing and we were so impressed at how gorgeous everything looked! The reception had a warm, cozy atmosphere and family-style served food. The perfect mood and setting for a wedding deep rooted in their relationships with their family and friends.

I’m not sure I could properly thank all the people that were so hospitable and generous to Alyssa and I while we were guests in their gorgeous country. From the Nettletons for their amazing home-made pizzas, and the Burnards who took us on our first trip to see Kangaroos on our last day (and we got to hold a Koala!). And a huge thanks to Rosie and Jackson’s friends and family – for making this such an amazing wedding that we will remember for a lifetime. Oh, and especially SaacFoot for being such a stalker. We miss you all so dearly! I’m counting down the days until I can come back :)


Ceremony: Moorooroo Park, Barossa Valley Australia
Reception: Gomersal Wines, Barossa Valley, Australia
Bride and Bridesmaids Gowns: Tina De Vizio (Bride’s Mother)
Flowers: Memories Wedding Flowers
Cake: Tracey’s Cakes Creations
Shoes: Wittner
Stationary: Chistine from See Design
Suits: Peter Shearer
Make up: Chau Van