Misty and Justin | Married

St. Mary’s Catholic Parish, NY

October 5, 2012  | Misty and Justin

I don’t know what it is about destination weddings. They’re expensive to shoot and not nearly as glamorous as many people would like to believe. But let me tell you something – I meet the most amazing people in the world because these incredible couples have opened up their lives and their homes to me. Orlando has never really seemed that big – but let me tell you about being in O’burg.

First of all, everywhere I went everyone knew I was there for Misty and Justin’s wedding. They’re local celebrities in this town of  a mere 11,000 people; and you would think that everyone in town came out to celebrate! The love that they have for their community is undeniable. Their friends are lifelong friends from practically their first days in elementary school. Their families know each other and there’s no hiding embarrassing stories from their high school days.

Not really knowing where we were exactly, I can tell you that we were 2 hours north of Syracuse, and after getting off-track about a mile looking for the hotel, we ended up at border patrol to Canada. Actually, our hotel (which had the infamous Fly-Swatter we instagrammed) backed up to the river and we could see the city lights of Canada from our window. Our phones put us on international calling, there was no internet anywhere and we frequently passed Amish horse and buggies on the road. There were no chain restaurants, no Starbucks and a single McDonalds (which we ate at).

About the Wedding

Ok so now let me tell you about this amazing wedding! Misty and Justin decided to put a tent up on their property to host their guests. Flanked in Navy and pale pink, they had a variety of roses on each table and these super cute white pumpkins that were drenched in glitter! The glitter pumpkins and lanterns lit the path from the road down to the tent. One of my favorite parts of their reception was that they used white lounge furniture with custom monogrammed blankets to keep their guests warm! With temperatures in the low 50’s and a super windy day, the blankets were perfect for everyone to get cozy!

Misty also changed her dress from a stunning lace back with cap sleeves, to a strapless gown for her ceremony!

I was also stoked to have their super sweet spotless Dalmation, Ember, with us for some photos! What a sweetheart she is!!

Ceremony Venue: St Mary’s Cathedral Parish
Reception Venue: Private Residence, Ogdensburg NY
Hair: Salon 1020
Makeup: Nicole Darbyshire
Catering: Contagious Catering
Florist: Waddington Blooms
Cake Artist: Piece of Cake
Reception Band: 6 Foot Midgets
Bridal Gowns: Alfred Angelo and Mary’s
Bridesmaids Gowns: Monique Lhuillier
Men’s Suits: Wilke Rodriguez
Photobooth: Wendy Morely Photography
Antique Pepsi Truck courtesy of Bonnie and Richard Wright

New York Wedding

We got some time before the ceremony to shoot the amazing tented reception! I loved that they had the reception right in their own backyard… but once you were there – it felt like you were a world away!

Misty and Justin used real white pumpkins covered in glitter to make their reception space sparkle!

Their custom monogrammed dance floor sat under beautiful chandeliers! Couches and cozy blankets with Misty and Justin’s initials sat to the side of the dance floor.

Not sure if Misty or Justin cried more during their first look :)

Ruthie gave Misty, well – actually it was to benefit Justin, a copy of the steamy “Fifty Shades” book during her toast to the newlyweds!

They had a friend shoot their custom-made photobooth. One of my favorite details was the background – which they painted with the lyrics to their first dance song!