Matt and Mindy | Married

October 8, 2011 | Orlando Science Center

I was really excited to post Matt and Mindy’s wedding yesterday – until I randomly fell asleep at 7pm following a tasty Lasagna dinner. I woke up this morning and realized that I had completely failed in my attempt to blog and watch Project Runway Allstars. Luckily, I got to do both today!

If you live in the Central Florida area, you’d probably remember this weekend as “the weekend it rained”. I mean, it rains in Florida all time – but usually it’s just a shower and then back to beautiful clear skies an hour later. But not the weekend of October 8th, 2011. That weekend, it rained. A lot.  In fact, Saturday broke a 60-year old record for rainfall – nearly doubling it!

So that brings us to Matt and Mindy – who rolled with the punches brilliantly, and moved their outdoor ceremony to the inside of the National Guitar Exhibit at the Orlando Science Center. Major kudos to the girls from The Soiree Company and The Orlando Science Center, along with all of their amazing vendors, who easily altered the days plans and made everything happen for my gorgeous couple!

The Science Center was the perfect venue for Matt and Mindy, who were celebrating Mindy’s love of science and teaching with Matt’s love of Mindy :) The crafty event featured details hand-made by Mindy, Matt and their parents! Keep an eye out for Matt’s handy wood-working skills, Mindy’s mom’s beading, and Mindy’s kiln-fired escort settings!

And although they joked that they brought the rain, Matt’s guests from his native UK definitely made this day an event to remember – with some of the funniest toasts we’ve had the pleasure of hearing!

Keep reading for some cute explanations of the rest of their details!

Venue: Orlando Science Center, Orlando FL
Event Coordinator: Annie Nuno, The Soiree Co.
Florist: Windermere Flowers and Gifts
Cake Artist: Something Sweet
DJ: White Rose Entertainment
Chairs: A Chair Affair
Catering: Arthur’s Catering

Mindy’s mom beaded the earrings and brooches for the bridal party. Mindy’s earrings are hanging on the shoe below.

The men’s boutonnieres were simple and rustic in style

Matt’s dad created many of the day’s artwork … including their gorgeous invitations.

As the story goes: “It is considered the utmost in good luck if a bride happens upon a spider nestled in her wedding dress.”
Mindy’s family hid this beaded spider in her gown for Mindy to find

Their ceremony was the first ever to be held in the National Guitar Museum Exhibit.

Matt’s dad told a story during his toast of Matt’s first visit to Disney World, where he said he wanted to have his own fairytale one day…

Since we were stuck inside for the entire day, we did a little mock-photobooth for some of the formals

Matt and Mindy put together the cocktail table centerpieces themselves with pictures and details of their relationship

Mindy made and fired all of the escort cards herself

Matt’s dad created their sign-in artwork for them to frame and keep

We loved the wood city-sign that Matt created, with cities from around the world, including his home in the UK

Their reception was held in the Dinosaur exhibit and made a really fun experience for their guests!

Mindy’s apron was made for her to use during the dinner stations – so she didn’t spill on her gown!

Arthur’s Catering did an amazing job! The food tasted amazing, and looked soooo good!

Matt and Mindy’s reaction of the space was perfect!