Welcome to Charleston!

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I was contacted by fellow-photographer Nichole Alexandra Johnson about shooting her and her hubby in their hometown of Charleston, SC! While only in my first few months of “official” photography business, I was still surprised that someone wanted to bring me all the way to South Carolina just to shoot a session for them! Since I would be in town, we also decided to do some nice family shots! (Being a photographer, I know how impossible it is to actually get family photos with you in them!)

I had never been to Charleston, so I was really ready to head up that way and see the amazingness that this beautiful city had to offer! I mean, how have I never been there before?! This place was amazing! Beaches (and not Florida beaches… but these amazing sun-lit rocky shores), history and lots of delicious food!? Ah, I was in heaven! Not to mention, Anthony and I got to spend a real-life honest-to-goodness one day of vacation!

So before I tell you about Nichole’s sessions, let me tell you about my vacation day!

After waking up late, we went to lunch at Hyman’s Seafood Restaurant, then headed out to the outlets in North Charleston, followed by dinner at Olive Garden and back to the hotel where we laid around in the giant king-size bed at 9pm. For those of you who know me, it was pretty much bliss. Sleeping late, seafood, lots of shopping, Olive Garden and a lazy evening?! Too good to be true :)

So I have to give a huge thank you to Nichole for giving me the opportunity to experience Charleston, and her amazing family! Her boys are absolutely beautiful and her husband is just the sweetest guy ever! What a happy little life :)

Nichole, you are seriously blessed. <3 If you ever find your way down to Orlando, please let me tour you through Disney! :)

The beach in Charleston is now one of my most favorite places to be. Everywhere you turn, the light is completely different (we were there at sunset) and it’s golden, glowy, warm and so sweet! I’ve run out of adjectives… but I loved it. A lot.

This was when I played ‘Simon Says’ with them! Nichole loved the “sit down” command :)