The Schoenrock Family

Heather gets some big award for being my most patient client. So I’ve been incredibly wrapped up in Images for a Cure lately and as much as I try to evenly dish out my time, things always get out of control when it’s just one of me (although Alyssa and Reema are putting in some serious hours to help me out!). So after about 20 emails promising her blog post, I’m finally able to get it up for her!

I was so excited to meet Heather, who I’ve been chatting with on Facebook for awhile now! She actually participated as a client in Images for a Cure this past fall, hiring local photographer Jessica Liane to photograph her beautiful family! But seriously, if I was Heather and Kevin, I’d be taking more pics of her adorable little girls, too! They are the most precious little bits of blonde hair and flowers!

Thank you, Heather, for being so patient with my crazy schedule lately! Please give Taylor and Ella the biggest hug for me, and I promise they can come back anytime to hang out with the chickens!

Ella was getting a little restless….. but the next 2 pics are some of my favorites :)

Then we took a quick detour for some gorgeous portraits of Heather :)