Realty at its finest: Justin

So one of my Bucket List goals is to be on a Reality TV show (um, but it must be produced by Bravo, because theirs are the best ever! Markus and Indrani watch out!), and I’ve decided that if someone makes a reality show about me, Justin must be on it. I heart this guy! He’s funny, spunky and oh-so-adorable!

He’s a realtor in Orlando, and a past coworker of mine when I worked for Engle Homes. It’s been great to see him do his own thing, and I’m so proud of everything he’s got going on! I’m also super excited for Lindsey and Jason’s wedding in Longboat Key in October, because Justin is her Man of Honor and I hear he has a showstopping suit ;)

When Justin contacted me about doing his new headshots, we knew we had to push the envelope a little bit and do something dramatic and more fashion-y. We did some more traditional shots during the shoot, but of course I tend to love the more intense side of Justin!

‘Nuff said.

So here are my favorite shots from Justin’s shoot for his new Realtor marketing goodness!