Nayara | Fashion

There are literally nights when I’m so inspired that I can’t sleep. On those nights, I’m thankful for my amazing friends that I can text at 1 am, just to set up an impromptu shoot. When Luisa and Nayara came out to shoot the next day – I told them that the plan was simple. I wanted something a little edgy, a little raw. We literally shot all of these looks in about an hour with a simple lighting setup and some magic from my favorite retoucher.

I fell in love with this shoot. Nayara had the most amazing way of translating exactly how I was feeling with her movement. It was the perfect collaboration and it made me remember how much I adored shooting for ME. For fun. For the absolute love of fashion, photography, and working with a killer team. I wouldn’t change a thing about this shoot. When I look at the photos, I see me. And that’s the most liberating feeling ever.

Model: Nayara
Hair and Makeup: Luisa V
Editing: Jennifer Frances