Ohio and Back Again

I had, what I’d like to consider, a whirlwind trip back to my hometown of Boardman, Ohio. I took Alyssa with me, since I never get actual vacations, and we worked just about every day we were there. But luckily, I had plenty of family, Sandwich Factory and Handel’s Ice Cream to get me through!

We were back home shooting the second reception for my best friend Candice’s wedding (you may remember my trip out to Los Angeles last month for her wedding). Since I was there, I decided to work with some upcoming clients, and even managed to squeeze in a full-day photography workshop!

Candice and Kevin graciously modeled for us, and I finally got to shoot in a field that I’ve been eyeing since I was in high school! I can’t wait to share their session, but here’s a sneak peek:

Thanks for everyone’s patience while I was away! I’m ready to really get back in the grind of things this week – so if you’re a current client and anxiously waiting to see your session, it’s on the way!!