Megan | Orlando Fashion Preview

Lots of super cool things going on this weekend! My fan page on Facebook has reached over 1,000 fans (1,022 at time of blog post), and my own personal Facebook page has also reached over 1,000 friends! Granted, I don’t personally know 70% of them – but it’s brought some majorly cool people in to my life.

Enter Megan. I was completely inspired by her vintage features and sweet demeanor. She’s gorgeous, creative and just full of super awesomeness. She even brought me some hot chocolate after driving all the way from Jacksonville!

I think I go through phases…. fashion, weddings; editorial, bridal…. it all starts running together a little bit. Which is why I needed a swift change to a bit of fashion that broke from my norm. I also wanted to put something together that Megan didn’t already have in her growing portfolio.

As expected, Jillian Caro did an amazing job on makeup, and Melanie Pace pulled some great things for me on a moment’s notice (yes, Jimmy Choo was able to be there today!) – that we used to create a fashionable boudoir style, sort of an extension of my Garage Vintage shoot…. just, with lingerie! Soft editorial makeup (no crazy colors or trends) and pretty, feminine hair – complete with another of my grandma’s original 1930’s hats.

By the way, if you know Melanie, make sure to wish her a happy birthday tomorrow!

Since the shoot is being professionally edited, I can only offer a quick sneak peak of the amazing work done by Megan, Jillian and Melanie!