Britt Britt

Brittany Britt and I became friends over unusual circumstances. But whatever the reason, I’ve always been fairly convinced that people are brought in to our lives for a reason, and so, unusual circumstance or not, Britt Britt and I are like peas from the same Louboutin Pod.

As a guest at her November wedding, I got to celebrate her and Steve’s marriage – and their new little family with her gorgeous daughter. She moved out to Arizona the day after getting married, and so I was super excited when she contacted me about doing a bridal fashion shoot when she was back in Orlando visiting family. Rumor has it I’ll be visiting them in Arizona at the end of the summer for a family shoot!

This shoot has already been featured on Shimmer + Silk bridal blog, so now I’m sharing it with my readers!

Brittany wore a gown by Jewel, from Priscilla of Boston and Christian Louboutin shoes, a gift from her husband while they were dating.