Edman and Michelle contacted me a little while ago to take some photos of their little one, Ella Grace. She’s 7 months old – and can I just say, if anyone has any kids 6-12 months, you need to bring them to me schriften gratis herunterladen. I’ll take them for a couple hours. They’re by far my most fun age group to shoot. And editing is a bit of a fresh look too – instead of editing out stray hairs, I’m editing out little boogies adobe pdf creator kostenlos. I love everything about it :)

Which reminds me! If you’re looking at these and thinking – “Gee, I’d love some pictures of me/baby/boyfriend (etc.)” – I only have a couple session dates open this month skins minecraft. I can’t believe I’m almost totally booked! So don’t wait – or you’ll miss out on all the awesomeness :)

More of Ella will appear in the next week or 2, but in the meantime, here’s some teasers from her session today sims 4 free download origin!





This was one of those quiet moments between mom and Ella windows media player download for free. Those are my favorites… when everyone thinks I’m done, and I catch that one last moment…


Off to do a family shot or 2, and I knew the perfect place visitenkarte design available for free! This tree only blooms this time of year… and I LOVE the colors!