Eric and Baharea | Engaged

I’m really looking forward to this coming weekend because St. Patrick’s Day will be a celebration over on the west coast (of Florida) for Baharea and Eric’s wedding! Since Alyssa will be a guest (her fiance is Baharea’s cousin), I’m bringing Leah along with me to second shoot!

Baharea and Eric are such a sweet couple, and I loved that they came to Orlando to shoot around Rollins with me. It was a beautiful day, close to sun-down and nice and cool! I’ll take what small breaks we get here! My favorite part of Rollins is actually the surrounding neighborhoods – I just love the trees and fences, and they always have the most adorable quaint homes! So we ended our session there, just in time for them to head back over to Tampa for the night.

Can’t wait to see what they have planned for this weekend!