Hollie and Lance | A Couples Session

Things I learned from today’s shoot in downtown Oviedo.

1. Hollie is quite possibly as silly as me, and she may be more beautiful as a person than she is on the outside (hard to believe, I know). Also, she’s pocket-size.
2. Lance has a small obsession with the Oviedo chickens, and saved us from several growling chicken attacks
3. You may recognize Hollie from ‘Beauty and the Geek’, but she’s not nearly as ditzy as she acted…. or is she? :)
4. The Town House restaurant has a great BELTCH sandwich (can’t remember what’s in it, ask Lance)
5. Random Oviedo goers hurt Lance’s ego by asking how he got such a pretty girl. (really, who SAYS stuff like that to strangers? So weird. He’s such a trooper!)
6. Secretly, I knew the whistles were for me, not Hollie. My hot knee-shorts totally rock.

And now, some shots from their couples session! Helloooo hotness. (and to eliminate any confusion, these 2 are not engaged…. just having fun together!)







We decided to end the shoot after THIS happened….